Hydrographic Cruise: 740H20180228

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientists:
  • (CCHDO) JC159


Files in the Dataset are the data for this cruise. They are updated when new data are submitted or as needed.

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Unmerged Data as Received

Files listed here are updates to the dataset which have not been processed yet, they may not be well formatted. Data files listed here usually contain the most up to date versions of the data for specific parameters. If you are unsure of which files to use, stick to the Dataset files above.

These files are not yet in the Dataset.

Filename (Download) Size Date Submitted
A095_740H20180228_hy_no_cfc_values.csv 26.3 kB 2018-10-12

Data History

  • File Online Carolina Berys

    A095_740H20180228_hy_no_cfc_values.csv (download) #47c73
    Date: 2018-11-01
    Current Status: unprocessed
  • File Submission Yvonne Firing

    A095_740H20180228_hy_no_cfc_values.csv (download) #47c73
    Date: 2018-10-12
    Current Status: unprocessed
    Data are public *except for CFC/SF6 data, which are proprietary to Marie-Jose Messias, Exeter*.  A095_740H20180228_hy_no_cfc_values.csv has had CFC columns removed (flags kept to indicate where samples were collected), so that file could be public now.  Update will be submitted with final DIC/TAlk and CFC/SF6 data when available.

  • File Merge CCHSIO

    A095_740H20180228_ct1.zip (download) #9a457
    Date: 2018-04-30
    Current Status: merged
  • Update CTD to Dataset CCHSIO

    Date: 2018-04-30
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Update
    A09.5 2018 740H20180228 processing - CTD/merge - CTDPRS,CTDTMP,CTDSAL,CTDOXY
    filename                  submitted by date       id  
    ------------------------- ------------ ---------- -----
    A095_740H20180228_ct1.zip Brian King   2018-04-18 13983
    - Renamed files to match EXCHANGE standard. Put original file name in file as a comment.
    - Changed Header name SECT to SECT_ID,   value remains unchanged
    - added comments, unit comments
    file                    converted from       software               
    ----------------------- -------------------- -----------------
    740H20180228_nc_ctd.zip 740H20180228_ct1.zip 0.8.2-48-g594e1cb
    Updated Files Manifest
    file                    stamp            
    ----------------------- --------------
    740H20180228_ct1.zip    20180430CCHSIO
    740H20180228_nc_ctd.zip 20180430CCHSIO
    :Updated parameters: CTDPRS,CTDTMP,CTDSAL,CTDOXY
    opened in JOA with no apparent problems:
    opened in ODV with no apparent problems:
  • File Online Carolina Berys

    A095_740H20180228_ct1.zip (download) #9a457
    Date: 2018-04-23
    Current Status: merged
  • Note for A095_740H20180228_ct1.zip Brian King

    Date: 2018-04-23
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Note
    The 24South section consists of the following stations
    [4:26 29:32 34:88 90:113 122:-1:114]
    Stations 27 and 28 were aborted
    Stations 33 and 89 were for CFC bottle blanks and do not form part of the section
    Stations 114 to 122 were run from top of slope into deep water after making a port
    call for diplomatic clearance purposes at Walvis Bay, Namibia.
  • File Submission Brian King

    A095_740H20180228_ct1.zip (download) #9a457
    Date: 2018-04-18
    Current Status: merged
    First data submission for RRS James Cook Cruise JC159; Rio to Cape Town; 28 Feb to 10 April 2018; Atlantic 24S section, "A09.5"; metadata about PIs in exchange format file headers; CTD salinity and oxygen data are final and can be public; Contacts at NOC for data are Chief Scientist Brian King (bak@noc.ac.uk) and CTD data lead Yvonne Firing (ylf@noc.ac.uk)