CCHDO Citation Information

Please cite data downloaded from CCHDO as: [Data providers of the parameter(s) used]. [Year of file access]. [CTD/Bottle] data from cruise [expocode], [format version used]. Accessed from CCHDO [url of cruise data page]. Access date [date of download]. [Applicable CCHDO cruise DOI if provided].

For example: Swift, J. and Becker, S. 2019. CTD data from Cruise 33RR20160321, exchange version. Accessed from CCHDO Access date 2019-08-21. CCHDO cruise DOI: 10.7942/C2008W

Information on the scientists who provided the different parameters can be found in the cruise report. Additionally, for US GO-SHIP cruises, this information is usually in the comments section in the text headers of the Exchange bottle files.

Users are also encouraged to acknowledge the funding program that supported the data collection in their publication. For US GO-SHIP data this is the NSF/NOAA funded U.S Repeat Hydrography Program.