CCHDO Citation Information

CCHDO does not claim any copyright or other intellectual property rights; the CCHDO database as a whole is freely and openly usable under a public domain (CC 0) license. However, we ask as a professional courtesy that you cite the CCHDO dataset using information and DOI provided in the archival snapshot - follow the View Collection Items link on the right to find the version that most closely matches the time you accessed the data, and use the DOI of that version.

The citation should have the form:

CCHDO Hydrographic Data Office (2023). CCHDO Hydrographic Data Archive, Version YYYY-MM-DD. In CCHDO Hydrographic Data Archive. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.

You can then describe the particular subset of the data you used in the Methods.

Some datasets within the CCHDO collection were submitted with a "CC BY" license requiring attribution when reasonable. While the CCHDO itself does not impose use restrictions, in these cases we ask that the intent of the submitting scientists be respected. The CC BY license will be marked on the cruise page, and the requested citation will be found within the data file.

Further, if you are working with data from a small enough number of cruises that individual citation is reasonable, science norms indicate the datasets should be cited. If the citation is not explicitly in the file header, it can be composed of information found in the file header, e.g., as:

[Data providers]. [Year of file access]. [CTD/Bottle] data from cruise [expocode], [format version used]. Accessed from CCHDO [url of cruise data page]. Access date [date of download]. [DOI of CCHDO snapshot - see above].