Data Sharing

The CCHDO manages two kinds of data: “Public” and “Non-public.”

Public data and associated metadata and documentation are searchable and accessible through the main, public CCHDO interface (cchdo.ucsd.edu), and are offered without use restriction, though citation is requested. They can be shared, exchanged between investigators, and re-used freely. This represents the majority of CCHDO data, and CCHDO is committed to open science and FAIR data principles. Users are advised that public CCHDO holdings include preliminary data, and to read the data history and documentation to evaluate appropriate use.

Non-public data are submitted under special agreement, for specific and limited uses. They are not accessible through the main public CCHDO data portal but are served through special user permissions or custom APIs. Permission to use these data is not provided by CCHDO, but by the data originators.


Cruise Reports are the primary cruise documentation. The CCHDO will attempt to make all other relevant documentation, especially if received in electronic form, available as well. This includes reports from investigators, overviews from data quality examination, copies of tables of information held by the CCHDO, etc.

Jerry Kappa, the CCHDO documentation manager, will help ensure that all information is in the documentation for each cruise, so that the data will not suffer loss of information. He will place as many of the documents as possible into "PDF" format, which preserves graphics and allows searches and indexing. ASCII versions of documentation will also be provided.



Data Submission Guide (replaces WHP 90-1)

Data Evaluation Reference

Deprecated Manuals
These WOCE Manuals are provided for historic purposes.
The current manuals are found at go-ship.org.

All documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF)

WHP 90-1
Requirements for WHP Data Reporting

Revision 2, May 1994

WHP 91-1
WOCE Operations Manual
Calibrations and Standards
Calibrations and Standards
Methods for Water Sampling
Methods for Water Sampling
Underway Measurements
Underway Measurements
CTD Methods
CTD Methods