Advanced Search

This page allows the construction of queries more specific in spatial and temporal ranges than the other search tools available on this site. Only one field on this page must be filled in for results to be returned. The results are the cruises which match ALL of the constraints.

Be sure to read each sections instructions to see how it will affect the results. When in doubt, the search box at the top of the page is usually good enough.


Performs a basic text matching search. The results are the intersection of the results for each space seperated term.

Essentially: result = (results from term 1)∩...∩(results from term n).

The metadata searched are currently: expocode, ship name, basin, woce line, program name, chief scientist, start date, and end date. Any part of the searched metadata will match (e.g. a search for '06' will match expocodes which start with 06, dates in 2006, the 6th month, the 6th day, etc..).

Bounding Box

Limits the results to cruises which have station location metadata AND a station falls within the bounding box defined here. Cruises which cross the bounding box but do not have a station within it are not matched. Including values here will exclude any cruise which which does not have trackline data.

The western boundary may be in the eastern hemisphere and the eastern boundary may be in the western hemisphere (dateline crossing is handled).

The values entered must be decimal degrees, positive in the north and east, negative in the south and west. The west and east directions are infinite (e.g. 270° is the same as -90°), north and south is limited to 90 and -90 respectivly.

Do not enter values here to search cruises which have not had their trackline data entered yet.


Limits the results to cruises which have a start date within the limits defined here.

Values must be ISO 8601 date strings without timestamp or timezone. It may have just year, year and month, or year and month and day.

The format is: yyyy or yyyy-mm or yyyy-mm-dd. No other formats or values are allowed.

The following example dates are all equivalent: 2013, 2013-01, 2013-01-01.