Hydrographic Cruise: 09AR20011029

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientist:
  • (CCHDO) 09AR200103
  • (CCHDO) AA0301


Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Unmerged Data as Received

Files listed here are the most recent version submitted by the cruise scientists, but have not yet been checked for consistency and merged into the main Dataset. They are provided "as is". If you are unsure of which files to use, stick to the Dataset files above.

These files are not yet in the Dataset.

Filename (Download) Size Date Submitted
09AR20011029_hy1.csv 815.0 kB 2014-01-14

Data History

  • File Submission cchdo_admin

    09AR20011029_hy1.csv (download) #aa56d
    Date: 2014-01-14
    Current Status: unprocessed
    From CARINA Collection

  • Available under 'Files as received' CCHDO Staff

    Date: 2014-01-14
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Website Update
    The following files are now available online under 'Files as received', unprocessed by the CCHDO.
  • Exchange and woce bottle file updated Justin Fields

    Date: 2010-08-11
    Action: Data Update
    The NITRATE, TCARBN, and ALKALI values from the CARINA collection have been added.
  • New WOCE, netCDF, exchange files online Danie Bartolocci

    Date: 2007-08-01
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Website Update
    Reformatting notes for sr03_p12 sent by Mark Rosenburg:
    -Changed expocode from 09AR0103/1 to 09AR20011029.
    -removed zero from missing lat/lon columns to leave blank.
            (zero value was not at equator, but missing value)
    -Added name/date stamp.
    -Ran sumcheck.  Only warnings were missing lat/lon for
            specific stations.
    -Changed expocode from 09AR0103/1 to 09AR20011029.
    -Added name/date stamp.
    -Ran wocecvt, with no errors.  Warnings for duplicate
            depth/press only.
    -Added name/date stamp.
    -Changed expocode from 09AR0103/1 to 09AR20011029.
    -ran wctcvt.  Changed the following files' dates to
            match the sumfile (dates of cast began on
            one day however majority of cast was conducted
            on the next day.  CTD files reflect BO and EN
            sumfile dates).  wctcvt ran with no errors after
            these edits.
    -16/1 changed day from 4 to 5
    -31/1 changed day from 8 to 9
    -37/1 changed day from 9 to 10
    -42/1 changed day from 10 to 11
    -69/1 changed day from 18 to 19
    -97/1 changed day from 27  to 28
    To Make Exchange:
    The following edits were made to the sumfile in order to
    convert files into exchange format:
    -removed all cast code entries with no navigation information.
    BO cast codes for station/casts:  34/1, 35/1, 36/1, 37/1, 38/1
    49/1, 50/1, 60/1, 135/1
    -removed all dashes representing missing values.
    -filled in any empty SECT ID spaces with UNK.
    Exchange bottle and CTD files were then created successfully.
  • Mark Rosenberg

    Date: 2007-03-01
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Submitted
    Have just "uploaded" 5 Southern Ocean Aurora Australis cruises to your website.  Had prepared them all a couple of years ago for Danie, but never actually sent them....well, gave me a chance to formalize one of the data reports.
    In case there's any probs, I've also put them on our public
    ftp site at:
    ftp ftp.acecrc.org.au
    login: anonymous
    passwd: your email
    then go to directory pub/rosenber and get the 5 zipfiles:
    09AR0103_woce.zip (SR3 i.e. P12)
    09AR0106_woce.zip (Amery Ice Shelf part 1, no WOCE ID)
    09AR0207_woce.zip (Amery Ice Shelf part 2, no WOCE ID)
    09AR0304_woce.zip (includes a transect close to I08S)
    09AR0403_woce.zip (I09S, plus repeat of transect close to I08S)
    * For the last of these, 09AR0403, CFC data were measured but are not yet available (should have included that in the notes I entered to your website).
    * Carbon data (DIC, alkalinities etc.) are available for some of these cruises - will get them to you at a later date.
    File: 09AR0103_woce.zip  
    Type: zipped ctd/bottle data 
    Status: Public
    Name: Rosenber, Mark 
    Institute: ACE CRC 
    Country: Australia
    Expo:09AR0103 Line: SR3
    Date: 10/2001
    Action:Place Data Online
    * WOCE format files
    * pdf data report includes data quality information
    Upload directory: /incoming_data/20070228.173820_SR3_Rosenberg,_Mark
  • Alexander Kozyr

    Date: 2004-12-17
    Data Type: CO2
    Action: Has data, will submit to CCHDO
    P12/AA0301 (2001):
    I have received the data file with hydrographic and carbon measurements from Bronte (CSIRO), I've made all QA-QC and sent a message to Bronte with some questions regarding the flags and status of the carbon data (final/preliminary?). As soon as Bronte contacts me, I will send the data to CCHDO.
    As soon as CCHDO changes these cruises' hydrographic data status from preliminary to the final, I will open these data files here at CDIAC for users through CDIAC/CLIVAR web site.