Hydrographic Cruise: 3175CG90_1

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientist:
  • (CCHDO) 3175CG90_2
  • (CCHDO) 32MB19900222
  • (CCHDO) CGC-90
  • (CCHDO) 33MW19900222


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Unmerged Data as Received

Files listed here are the most recent version submitted by the cruise scientists, but have not yet been checked for consistency and merged into the main Dataset. They are provided "as is". If you are unsure of which files to use, stick to the Dataset files above.

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ndp052.doc 50.9 kB 2013-12-17
32MB19900222_hy1.csv 345.9 kB 2013-12-17

Data History

  • File Submission cchdo_admin

    ndp052.doc (download) #080ba
    Date: 2013-12-17
    Current Status: unprocessed
    From CARINA Collection

  • File Submission cchdo_admin

    32MB19900222_hy1.csv (download) #a947d
    Date: 2013-12-17
    Current Status: unprocessed
    From CARINA Collection

  • Available under 'Files as received' CCHDO Staff

    Date: 2013-12-17
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Website Update
    The following files are now available online under 'Files as received', unprocessed by the CCHDO.
  • Available under 'Files as received' CCHDO Staff

    Date: 2013-12-17
    Data Type: CrsRpt
    Action: Website Update
    The following files are now available online under 'Files as received', unprocessed by the CCHDO.
  • Final PDF version online Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2013-02-20
    Data Type: CrsRpt
    Action: Website Update
    I've placed a new PDF version of the cruise report:
    into the  directory: onetime/pacific/p15/p15s/p15sa/ .
    It includes both CTD and Carbon Parmeter reports, summary pages and CCHDO data processing notes, as well as a linked Table of Contents and links to figures, tables and appendices.
    The previous online version was renamed and moved to the "Original" dir.
  • Values OK Prof. William J. Jenkins

    Date: 2007-04-24
    Data Type: TRITUM
    Action: None
    The short answer is that those tritium results are definitely real! I've enclosed a few sections, including P15S for perspective. Those high values at ~200 m are the Fine/McPhaden tritium tongue from the northern subtropics.
  • fliers? Dr. Lynne Talley

    Date: 2007-04-23
    Data Type: TRITUM
    Action: Update Needed
    Hi Bill (Jenkins) - can you check on several tritium values for the southern ocean
    occupation of P15?  (This is the 1990 NOAA Malcolm Baldridge CGC-90 cruise.)
    What I notice about these three is that they are very high for the given
    potential temperature.  On the three stations, there are also no tritium
    samples at shallower bottles. If their temperatures were up around 27, which
    would be possible if the samples were actually from shallower bottles, then
    the values would fall in with all the other tritiums from this section.
    So is it possible that these should have been assigned to shallower depths
    than 196 or 194?
    Sta. tritium  theta  pressure
    66   1.117    13.694 196.
    67   1.259    12.962 194.
    68   1.860    14.413 196.
    Here are just these lines in the WHPO format file:
    EXPOCODE 3175CG90_1, _2  WHP-ID PR32   CRUISE DATES 022290 TO 041690              20020529
    WHPOSIOSA                                    *
                                        DBAR  ITS-90  PSS-78   
    PSS-78      TU      TU NMOL/KG N
                             *******                 ******* ******* *******         *******
           *******         *******               *
          66       1     745       5   196.7 13.722  34.806  34.809     
    1.117   0.005  1.783
    0.009     7.06    0.15   7.088   0.035 2222222
          67       1     845       5   194.5 12.989  34.668  34.671     
    1.259   0.007  1.791
    0.009     8.83    0.15   7.131   0.035 2222222
          68       1     945       5   196.6 14.442  34.613  34.595     
    1.860   0.008  1.777
    0.009     8.79    0.15   7.069   0.035 2222222
  • nitrate, cfc-11, cfc-12, tco2, c13 & flags Robert Key

    Date: 2007-04-04
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Submitted
    File: p15sahy1.csv  Type: ascii, csv with unix line endings Status: Public
    Name: Key, Bob 
    Institute: PU 
    Country: USA
    Expo:3175CGC90_1 Line: P15Sa
    Date: 02/1990
    Action:Place Data Online
    This file is identical to the exchange file you have on-line except I've added: nitrate, cfc-11, cfc-12, tco2, c-13 and flags for each. These data were sent to me by J. Bullister on 3/30/07. Copy of my readme with additional details pasted below: You can cut and paste the extra columns from my file (p15sahy1.csv) into your file (p15sa_hy1.csv) or just swap as you see fit.
    Initialized README file for CGC 90
    P15S line
    Malcolm Baldridge EXPOCODE 3175CG90_1
    Ch. Sci. D.Wisegarver
    64 stations; Sta 2-7 24 bottle Rosette; 12 bottle Rosette for remainder
    For one-time WOCE survey, this cruise replaced by P14S15S
    Hydro: Who - NOAA ; Status - final ; S Plus - up-to-date
    	Notes:  Data from CCHDO 4/4/07
    Nuts: Who - L. Moore, D. Atwood ; Status - final ; S Plus - up-to-date
    	Notes: only nitrate reported, probably nitrate+nitrite; only reported
    	values between 0-30umol/kg due to standard range. Silicate
    	and phosphate not reported due to poor precision/accuracy
    	No oxygen data
    	Data from Bullister 3/30/07
    TCO2: Who - Roberts, Murphy; Status - final; S Plus - up-to-date
    	Notes: NDP-052; data from M.Roberts 7/22/94.
    	CRM used (value 2020+/-.009, Keeling; batch 1); +3umol/kg
    	corrrection applied to data based on CRM analysis as suggested by
    TA: Who - Feely; Status - Not Reported; S Plus - N/A
    	Notes: Poor Quality
    pCO2: Who - none; Status - Not Measured; S Plus - N/A
    	Notes: underway sampling only
    pH: Who - R.Byrne ; Status - no date; S Plus -  N/A
    	Notes:serious problems with rented spectrophotometer,
    		measurements of no value and not reported
    		(Byrne e-mail 2/1/07)
    CFC: Who - Wisegarver/Bullister; Status - final; S Plus - up to date
    	Notes: CFC data are reported on the SIO98 scale.
    C-14: Who - none; Status - N/A; S Plus - 
    C-13: Who - Quay; Status - final; S Plus - up to date
    	Notes:data from Bullister 3/30/07
    H-3: Who - Jenkins ; Status - final ; S Plus - up-to-date
    	Notes:Data from CCHDO 4/4/07
    Wisegarver, D.P., J.L. Bullister, F.A. Van Woy, F.A. Menzia, R.F. Weiss,
    A.H. Orsi, and P.K. Salameh (1995):  Chlorofluorocarbon measurements in the southwestern Pacific during the CGC-90 Expedition. NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-57, 98 pp.
    Lamb, M.F., R.A. Feely, L. Moore, and D.A. Atwood (1993): Total CO2 and nitrate measurements in the southwest Pacific during austral autumn, 1990. NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-42, NTIS: PB93-188415, 62 pp.
    McTaggart, K.E., D. Wilson, and L.J. Mangum (1993): CTD measurements collected on Climate and Global Change Cruise along 170°W during FebruaryˆApril 1990. NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-44, NTIS: PB93-226041, 265 pp.
    Upload directory: /incoming_data/20070404.132353_P15Sa_Key,_Bob
  • Changed line number and updated all files Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-12-10
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Data Update:
    At the direction and guidance of Lynne Talley, this cruise was moved from PR32 to
    the onetime directories and renamed P15S because it more closely follows the P15S onetime line than any repeat line.
    A new directory for this cruise was created. All files have been edited to reflect change in line number and exchange, netcdf, and station track files have been remade. New web files have been generated also.
    This cruise needs to be changed in the data base before it will link on 
    the onetime site. Previous directory (pr32_a) has been zipped as an original copy of the data and it's file history and therefore will no longer link from the repeat site. A readme file will point users to new directory.
  • Contacted Steve about remaking maps Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-07-31
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Data Update:
    Lynne- I wrote Steve et al. about remaking the maps to include this station track (and sent them the track image) so it should be up toward the top of his queue (I think he's crunching on some code for Jim before he gets back at the moment, so I'll ping again when he comes up for air).
  • Converted to exchange and netCDF, NO. OBS column removed Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-07-31
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    After much tinkering, the CTD files have been converted to both exchange and netCDF formats.  Previously these files would not convert using current software (many errors, core dumps and JOA crashes). After different edits to the original ctd station files (*.wct files)  It was found that the empty column for header NO. OBS was causing errors.  This column was removed for the purposes of conversion (was retained in original .wct station files).  Also previously online sumfile contained missing/wrong information had needed edits (see below).
    Files now pass JOA and inventory files appear correct.  These files have been zipped and added to the parent directory.  Previous sumfile has been moved to the original directory.  Web pages have been remade and link correctly.
    Station track files have also been made and linked correctly.
    This cruise does not come up on RCS at this time, therefore this readme file will be sent to document edits in lieu of RCS.
  • Converted to exchange and netCDF, but need editing Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-07-23
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have converted the ctd files to both exchange and netcdf files, however the conversion was suspect.  Files have not been checked with JOA yet.
    Two ctd station station files needed editing:
    station 13 cast 3 needed cast header edited from 2 to 3.
    station 62 cast 2 needed cast header edited from 1 to 2.
    All files had the name/date stamp removed.
    In sumfile for purposes of conversion:
    station 64 cast 1 needed depth changed from blank to ----
    station 40 cast 1 needed depth changed from blank to ----
    SECT ID was changed from PR15S to PR32.  This sumfile replaced the current online sumfile (depths were left at -999 in online version)
  • Formatted CTD and added quality flags Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-12-04
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    Formatted and added QUALT flags to file received from Kristy McNicols. 
    In June I received the ctd data from Kristy McNicols.  I converted to WOCE format.
    Since this was a pre-WOCE cruise there were no QUALT flags. I assigned a QUALT flag of 2 to all pressure, temperature and salinity values and since there were no oxygens a 9 for oxygen.
    Many stations have more than one cast so I named the files
    pr32a0011.wct - cast 1
    pr32a0011_2.wct - cast 2
    pr32a0011_3.wct - cast 3
    The individual casts are every decibar instead of every other decibar.
  • Reformatted data online Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-06-13
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    Took bottle data sent by Bullister to Lynne Talley and put into WOCE format. 
    There were zeroes for the QUALT1 flags for CTDSAL and SALNTY.  Asked Bullister about this.  See his e-mail below.
    Talked to Lynne, and we decided they could be assigned a flag of 2.
    See e-mails below.
    File contains data for press, ctdtmp, ctdsal, salnty, tritum, triter, delhe3, delher, helium, helier, neon, and neoner.
    There was a difference in the bottle and ctd cast summary for stations 0, 1, and 2.  After comparing the depths I determined that the bottle file needed to be changed to agree with the summary file.  Converted the CTD cast summary file retrieved from ftp site, ftp.pmel.noaa.gov to a WOCE formatted .sum file.
    The cast numbers were sequential (0-110) throughout the file.  Using the sum file I was able to determine (I hope) the correct cast number for each station.
  • Set flags to 2 Lynne Talley

    Date: 2002-05-31
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Reformatted by WHPO
    Sarilee - I agree - set the flags to 2 and include a note in the documentation.  The doc file will be scanned from the pdf. 
  • Set flags to 2? Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-05-30
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Update Needed
    What do you want me to do about this.  I think we could include a note in the documentation that we set the QUALT1 flags to 2 since this was a  pre-WOCE cruise and no quality flags were assigned by the originator.
  • Set flags to 2 (pre-WOCE cruise) John L. Bullister

    Date: 2002-05-30
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Reformatted by WHPO
    I checked with Kristy McTaggart, who did the CTD work on the cruise. This was a pre-WOCE cruise and no quality flags were assigned to these data. Assigning them a WOCE flag of 2 would imply they had undergone this type of quality evaluation.
    I put this header on the original file: CGC90 (extracted 22 May 2002, J.Bullister) "f" is WOCE quality flag (set to 0 if not available) -9 represents missing value
    If this doesn't work, I can re-extract the file and not include a flag column.
  • Submitted John L. Bullister

    Date: 2002-05-22
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Submitted
  • Files found in incoming dir Karla Uribe

    Date: 2000-10-11
    Data Type: SUM
    Action: Admin.
    Files were found in incoming directory under whp_reports. This directory was zipped, files were separated and placed under proper cruise. All of them are SUM files.
  • John L. Bullister

    Date: 2000-06-21
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Submitted
  • Received 1997 August 15th. David Wisegarver

    Date: 1997-08-15
    Data Type: SUM
    Action: Submitted