GO-SHIP Easy Ocean: Formatted and gridded ship-based hydrographic section data

GO-SHIP (GO-SHIP.org) has developed the protocols and methods to generate a data product that concatenates all occupations of individual sections into a time-series; the GO-SHIP Easy Ocean (Katsumata et al. 2020). Here we provide access to the analysis-ready gridded GO-SHIP Easy Ocean product that enhances the accessibility of this unique data set that spans four decades, comprised of more than 40 cross-ocean transects, many with multiple repeats.

This product, of uniformly calibrated CTD (temperature, salinity and oxygen) data, provides easy access to and use of the high-quality hydrographic temperature and salinity data that span more than 40 years. The GO-SHIP Easy Ocean product will underpin the quality control of autonomous platforms, provide a ready assessment of ocean-only and coupled climate model simulations, and be used in specific research projects. The GO-SHIP Easy Oceanis a companion to the GLODAP inorganic and carbon product. The section data are available from CCHDO in two standard arrangements: Uninterpolated (reported) and interpolated (gridded). For both arrangements, five quantities are recorded; in situ temperature in ITS-90 scale, in situ salinity in PSS-78 scale, the dissolved oxygen concentration in μmol/kg, Conservative Temperature in °C, and Absolute Salinity in g/kg. The data are available in various formats.

Cite Katsumata et al (2020) when using this product and include the following acknowledgment statement in any publication or derived product:

Data were collected and made publicly available by the International Global Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program GO-SHIP (https://www.go-ship.org/) and the national programs that contribute to it.

The DOI for this dataset is doi: 10.7942/GOSHIP-EasyOcean.

Detailed information including computer code can be found in Dr. Katsumata's GitHub repository.


Katsumata, K., Purkey, S., Cowley, R., Sloyan, B., Diggs, S. Moore II, T., Talley, L. Swift, J., 2020. GO-SHIP Easy Ocean: Formatted and gridded ship-based hydrographic section data. Geoscience Data Journal, submitted

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