Data Products at CCHDO

The data products listed below are refined data products made up of a subset of CCHDO data that have undergone further processing (scientific quality control, gridding, and added derived parameters). These data products are not part of CCHDO's main holdings; the main CCHDO data have only been (re)formatted for consistency, combined with other data from the cruise, and had metadata applied.

CCHDO provides access to the products here as a service, recognizing their value to the community. Questions about them are best directed to their respective creators

GO-SHIP Easy Ocean: Formatted and gridded ship-based hydrographic section data

GO-SHIP ( has developed an analysis-ready gridded data product of uniformly calibrated CTD (temperature, salinity and oxygen) data that concatenates all occupations of individual sections into a time-series; the "GO-SHIP Easy Ocean" (Katsumata et al. 2020). This compilation spans more than 40 years and more than 40 cross-ocean transects, many with multiple repeats.

The Java OceanAtlas: Best vertical section data

These data consist mostly of cleaned bottle data from WOCE Hydrographic Program sections and their subsequent repeats. Sections and casts are organized, superfluous stations and data rows deleted, and errors are corrected. There was no application of objective or crossover analysis to harmonize the cleaned data. No data values are changed. There are also WHP line segment collections for each principal ocean, with overlapping repeats from bathymetric subregions, useful for close examination of cruise-to-cruise data differences. Data are available to download in data formats including Java OceanAtlas (JOA) binary and ASCII/CSV WHP-Exchange (widely readable by ODV, Excel, MatLab, JOA, etc.).