Hydrographic Cruise: 90KDIOFFE6_1

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Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Data History

  • remerge Warner's DQE'd CFCs James Swift

    Date: 2006-11-02
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: Data Update
    t was decided at today's CCHDO meeting to merge or remerge CFCs for all WHP cruises in Mark Warner's CFC DQE file (Southern Ocean WHO lines).  This will assure all that the CFCs for these cruises are indeed updated as intended.  Danie and Sarilee will attend to this promptly.  Danie will see that the sections of greatest urgency to Lynne receive top priority.
    The list of cruises in Mark's file was as follows:
    A21:		EXPOCODE: 06MT11_5
    A23:		EXPOCODE: 74JC10_1
    S03_S04I:	EXPOCODE: 09AR9404_1
    S04I:		EXPOCODE: 320696_3
    SR04_ANTXV4:	EXPOCODE: 06ANT15_4
    It may be that the CFCs for the following cruises from the list above have already been updated:
    >   sr04antxv4
    >   s04p
    >   a23
    >   a21
    But, to be certain, the CCHDO will update them as well.
    As far as why these cruises did not get updated with Mark's DQE'd CFCs, we have no idea.  Sorry.  All of the other ocean basins' CFCs were updated years ago.
    Jim Swift
  • New PDF and Text versions online Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2005-08-19
    Data Type: CrsRpt
    Action: Website Updated
  • sta 716 error previously corrected Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2004-01-12
    Data Type: NITRIT
    Action: Data Question:
    Lynne Talley enquired about the DELC13 and 3 N02 values (see attached emails).     
    Bob Key sent a file with DELC13 and I remerged it with two decimal places instead of one.
    I changed the N02 for sta. 716, samples 6, 5, and 4, at 2818.0, 3179.7, and 3538.7db to 0.01.  I had done this previously (see Data History 199/09/23).  The bad values were reintroduced when ODF resubmitted the data (2001/06/20) when they discovered a small error in their algorithm to convert ITS90 temp. calibration data to IPTS68. 
  • correct precision is as per NOSAMS Robert Key

    Date: 2004-01-12
    Data Type: DELC13
    Action: Data Question:
    The 13C for S4P should have normal precision reported by NOSAMS, i.e. not 1 decimal. I have attached the latest version of that data as I received it from them (Dana Stuart) on 8/9/99. These values need to be truncated.
  • 1 decimal point accuracy? Lynne Talley

    Date: 2004-01-09
    Data Type: DELC13
    Action: Data Question:
    Bob and Sarilee - just checking - is it correct that delc13 values on S4p have only one decimal point accuracy?
  • Nitrite on sta 716 not correct Lynne Talley

    Date: 2004-01-09
    Data Type: NUTs
    Action: Data Question:
    Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 17:27:12 -0800 (PST)
    From: Lynne Talley <lynne@gyre.ucsd.edu>
    To: aorsi@tamu.edu, jswift@ucsd.edu, lynne@gyre.ucsd.edu, sarilee@minerva.ucsd.edu, sharon@gyre.ucsd.edu
    Subject: nitrites on s4p
    Hi Sarilee - I'm not sure who to check with on nutrients for S4P.
    Nitrite on station 716, bottles 6, 5, 4 at 2818,3179, 3538 dbar can't possibly be right (> 2.5 where they should be very close to zero).  I think I'm counting quality flags right and don't see anything other than a 2 for the flags for these 3 bottles.
    How do we go about resolving this?
  • Data Online Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2003-11-13
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: Website Updated:
    Mark Warner submitted a file with updated cfc data.  I merged the CFC-11 and CFC-12 from file s04p_cfc_whpo_dat into the online file.
    Online file only had QUALT1 flags.  Since the cfc file sent by Warner had both Q1 and Q2 flags, I copied the Q1 flags to the Q2 in the online file before I merged the cfc's. 
    File from Warner had Q flags of 1 for missing data.  I changed them to 9.
  • Mark J. Warner

    Date: 2003-11-12
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: Final Data Submitted
    I ended up sending a tar of all the cruises for which we did the DQC process. In general, the CFC PI agreed with our evaluation and changed their QUALT1 flag to agree with our suggested QUALT2 flag. Please feel free to ask questions. (Fortunately, we had sent all of this data to Alex 
    Orsi over a year ago, so the atlas is made with this data.)
    The file:  final_cfc_data.tar - 1618432 bytes
    has been saved as:  20031112.171702_WARNER_A21_final_cfc_data.tar
    in the directory:  20031112.171702_WARNER_A21
    The data disposition is:
    The file format is:
         Plain Text (ASCII) 
    The archive type is:
         NONE - Individual File 
    The data type(s) is:
         Other: Final DQC
    The file contains these water sample identifiers:
    WARNER, MARK would like the following action(s) taken on the data:
         Merge Data
         Update Parameters
    Any additional notes are:
         Miscommunication between myself and Dong-Ha Min   have resulted in this delay. I will upload all of the data with itsassigned (and agreed upon with the PI)   Qualt2 (q2) and revised q1 characters.
  • Dave Muus

    Date: 2003-09-24
    Data Type: BTL/SUM
    Action: Website Updated:
    Newly merged S04P files are in ~dave/SDIGGS/S04P. Includes sea file, summary file, exchange file and notes file.  wocecvt and Java Ocean Atlas successfully run on new data files.
  • report not found at WHPO Mark J. Warner

    Date: 2003-09-23
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: DQE Summary
    I believe the CFC-12 section looks good when contoured. The size of the unknown correction due to the poor integration of CFC-12 on a tailing peak is relatively small (I believe). It becomes a real problem when you try to calculate rations for the lower CFC concentrations. You could get away with presenting the section and somehow noting the problem.
    I thought we had sent the documentation to WHPO. I better double-check on that.
  • Nitrate values edited, SUM reformatted Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2003-05-26
    Data Type: SUM/Nitrite
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have changed the three nitrite values for S04P station 716, bottles 4, 5, and 6 to 0.01 per Jim's e-mail.  I also reformatted the .sum file.  Usual shifting, adding, deleting columns.  I did change the EXPOCODE in the .sum file from 90KDIOFFE6/1 to RUKDIOFFE6_1 to conform with what is used on the web site and in the .sea file (I assume this means we are using RU for Russia instead of 90 which was used for the Soviet Union).
    I have put the files on whpo in /usr/export/ftp/pub/WHPO/S_ANDERSON/S04P.
  • Data merged into online file, new CSV file online Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-05-22
    Data Type: DELC13
    Action: Website Updated:
    Merged DELC13 data into online file s04phy.txt (20010810WHPOSIODM). DELC13 data were  retrieved from Bob Key's ftp site in May of 2001.
    Bottle file had a sta. 694 cast 3, but the sum file did not have a cast 3 for sta. 694 (this was noted by Dave Muus (2001/08/07). Dave deleted the cast from the bottle file since it only contained CTD data. Subsequently a new bottle file was put online (2001/08/13) which had the same problem. Cannot create exchange format with this problem, so I deleted sta. 694, cast 3. This problem needs to be resolved.
    I created a new exchange file and put it online.
  • completed Adel Hajrasuliha

    Date: 2002-01-08
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Data Consistency Check
    created *check.txt file for the cruise. created *.ps files for this cruise.
  • Exchange file online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-12-26
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    CTD has been converted to exchange using the new code and put online.
  • pdf version online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-08-20
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    PDF documentation for this cruise has been put online.
  • Data Update, see note: Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 2001-08-13
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM/C14
    Action: Website Updated:
    14C was added and made public. ODF updated CTD files and CTD values for bottle files have been added to the website. Sumfile from ODF added to  wesbite as well. All files re-linked and checked out. (as per D. Muus note below)
    Steve,  Newly merged S04P files are in ~dave/SDIGGS/S04P. Includes sea file, summary file, exchange file and notes file.  wocecvt and Java Ocean Atlas successfully run on new data files.
    - Dave
  • Data & Exchange file Online Dave Muus

    Date: 2001-08-07
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    1. Merged CFC-11, CFC-12, TCARBN, PC02, PCO2TMP, DELHE3, DELHER, HELIUM, HELIER, TRITUM, TRITER, NEON, and NEONER from 20000105WHPOSIOSRA bottle file into ODF bottle file revised July 5, 2001, to correct a minor ITS-90 calculation error.
    2. Tritium header changed from TRITIUM to TRITUM.
    3. C-14 data from:  /usr/export/html-public/data/onetime/southern/s04/s04p/original/ 2000.04.20_C14_HE_TR_KEY/S4P.C14 also merged into bottle file on being determined to be public data.
    4. New ODF summary file, dated May 24, 2001, was used to make exchange file with new bottle file.
    5. New ODF sea file has Station 694 Cast 3 containing CTD data only but new ODF summary has no 694 Cast 3.
    Original ODF stacst has:
           1  694    1250292  ROS67 0.4S 77 1.7W1319 3755CTD #1, 24 Bottles              12
           1  694    2250292  TOW6659. S 77 2. W         Net Tow
           1  694    3250292  ROS6655.8S 7711.8W2219     CTD #1, 300m for Biology only   
           1  695    1260292  ROS6659.9S 7818.8W0244 3906CTD #1, 24 Bottles              14 
       Sta 694 Cast 3 not on WHPO web site. Cast 1 only. Deleted Cast 3 from new s04phy.txt. Notified ODF.
  • See note for instructions Kristin Sanborn

    Date: 2001-07-05
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Final Data Available by ftp
    FINAL WHP-Format Bottle Data Release for WOCE s4p
    Your ftp session should proceed as follows:
            >    ftp odf.ucsd.edu
            >    Name: anonymous
            >    passwd: (your internet address)
            ftp> cd pub/HydroData/woce/s4p
            ftp> bin
            ftp> prompt off
            ftp> mget s4pREADME.hyd s4phyd.tar.gz s4phyd.zip
            ftp> bye
    The file s4phyd.tar.gz contains a compressed (GNU) tar archive of the WOCE s4p final bottle data.
    To install:
            gtar xzvf s4phyd.tar.gz
    The uncompressed file will go into the subdirectory you are currently on (under a new directory: s4phyd). If you have trouble using this tar file, let us know.
    The file named "s4phyd.zip" was created with the UNIX zip utility for the benefit of PC users. The data can be expanded into the directory "./s4phyd" using "unzip" or "pkunzip" utilities.
    Note that pkunzip 2.04g/unzip 5.0p1 (or later versions) must be used to extract files produced by pkzip 2.04 or zip 2.0.1. Earlier versions are not compatible.
    The files listed below comprise the distribution:
    SIZE IN 
    ------- ----------- -------------  ------------------------------------------------
    83913 Apr 8 1996  90KDIOFFE6_1.doc Data collection, analysis & processing methods
    342633 Jul 5 2001  90KDIOFFE6_1.sea Bottle data report, WOCE format
    57517 May 24 2001 90KDIOFFE6_1.sum Station Summary File
    116482 Jul 5 2001  s4pdoc.pdf       Adobe Acrobat Reader version of 90KDIOFFE6_1.doc
    The pdf documentation files must be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is available free of charge from www.adobe.com. An ASCII text version of the documentation has also been provided in the file 90KDIOFFE6_1.doc. The ASCII file is intended to be printed out at 80 lines per page with a minimum 94-character page width - typically elite print. The lines do not begin with any white space at the request of several P.I.s. Note that figures in the text can only be printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the documentation. This s4pREADME.hyd file also resides on the above named directory, s4p.
    These data may not be released without permission from the Chief Scientist/PI:
         Dr. Jim G. Richman
         Oregon State University
         College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
         104 Ocean Admin. Bldg.
         Corvallis, OR 97331-5503
         (541) 737-3328
         Dr. Mikhail N. Koshlyakov
         P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
         Academy of Sciences
         Krasikova 23
         Moscow, 117218
         Dr. James H. Swift
         University of California, San Diego
         Shipboard Technical Support/Oceanographic Data Facility (STS/ODF)
         Scripps Institution of Oceanography
         9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0214
         La Jolla, CA 92093-0214
         (858) 534-3387
    A minor revision should be made to the documentation. In the table that summarizes the WHP Quality Codes applied to the data, the line containing the CTD Oxy should be changed. The table should read:
    |                    Rosette Samples Stations 682-794                     |
    |              Reported                  WHP Quality Codes                |
    |              levels       1        2     3      4      5     7       9  |
    | Bottle     ||  2612    |  0     2500    30     71      0     0      11  |
    | CTD Salt   ||  2590    |  0     2565    24      1      0     0      22  |
    | CTD Oxy    ||  2099    |  0     2040    59      0     24     0     489  |
    | Salinity   ||  2565    |  0     2493    35     37      0     0      47  |
    | Oxygen     ||  2553    |  0     2515     9     29      9     0      50  |
    | Silicate   ||  2561    |  0     2533     6     22      3     0      48  |
    | Nitrate    ||  2561    |  0     2484    56     21      3     0      48  |
    | Nitrite    ||  2561    |  0     2538     2     21      3     0      48  |
    | Phosphate  ||  2560    |  0     2532     7     21      4     0      48  |
    Questions regarding the Bottle data should be directed to:
         Kristin M. Sanborn
         University of California, San Diego
         Shipboard Technical Support
         Oceanographic Data Facility
         Scripps Institution of Oceanography
         9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0214
         La Jolla, CA 92093-0214
         phone:  (858) 534-1903
         fax:    (858) 534-7383
         email:  ksanborn@ucsd.edu
  • Exchange file online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-06-28
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    CTD were converted to exchange format and put online.
  • Exchange file online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-06-21
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    Bottle exchange file was put online.
  • Processing error corrected, revised data available by ftp Mary Johnson

    Date: 2001-06-20
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Data Update:
    ODF has discovered a small error in the algorithm used to convert ITS90 temperature calibration data to IPTS68.  This error affects reported Mark III CTD temperature data for most cruises that occurred in 1992-1999.  A complete list of affected data sets appears below.
    ODF temperature calibrations are reported on the ITS90 temperature scale.  ODF internally maintains these calibrations for CTD data processing on the IPTS68 scale.  The error involved converting ITS90 calibrations to IPTS68.  The amount of error is close to linear with temperature: approximately -0.00024 degC/degC, with a -0.00036 degC offset at 0 degC.  Previously reported data were low by 0.00756 degC at 30 degC, decreasing to 0.00036 degC low at 0 degC.  Data reported as ITS90 were also affected by a similar amount.  CTD conductivity calibrations have been recalculated to account for the temperature change.  Reported CTD salinity and oxygen data were not significantly affected.
    Revised final data sets have been prepared and will be available soon from ODF (ftp://odf.ucsd.edu/pub/HydroData).  The data will eventually be updated on the whpo.ucsd.edu website as well.
    IPTS68 temperatures are reported for PCM11 and Antarktis X/5, as originally submitted to their chief scientists.  ITS90 temperatures are reported for all other cruises.
    Changes in the final data vs. previous release (other than temperature and negligible differences in salinity/oxygen):
    S04P:	694/03 CTD data were not reported, but CTD values were reported with the bottle data.  No conductivity correction was applied to these values in the original .sea file.  This release uses the same conductivity correction as the two nearest casts to correct salinity.
    AO94:	Eight CTD casts were fit for ctdoxy (previously uncalibrated) and resubmitted to the P.I. since the original release.  The WHP-format bottle file was not regenerated.  The CTDOXY for the following stations should be significantly different than the original .sea file values:
    	  009/01  013/02  017/01  018/01  026/04  033/01  036/01  036/02
    I09N:	The 243/01 original CTD data file was not rewritten after updating the ctdoxy fit.  This release uses the correct ctdoxy data for the .ctd file.  The original .sea file was written after the update occurred, so the ctdoxy values reported with bottle data should be minimally different.
    	WOCE Section ID		P.I.			Cruise Dates
    S04P			(Koshlyakov/Richman)	Feb.-Apr. 1992
    P14C			(Roemmich)		Sept. 1992
    PCM11			(Rudnick)		Sept. 1992
    P16A/P17A (JUNO1)	(Reid)			Oct.-Nov. 1992
    P17E/P19S (JUNO2)	(Swift)			Dec. 1992 - Jan. 1993
    P19C			(Talley)		Feb.-Apr. 1993	
    P17N			(Musgrave)		May-June 1993
    P14N			(Roden)			July-Aug. 1993
    P31			(Roemmich)		Jan.-Feb. 1994
    A15/AR15		(Smethie)		Apr.-May 1994   
    I09N			(Gordon)		Jan.-Mar. 1995
    I08N/I05E		(Talley)		Mar.-Apr. 1995
    I03			(Nowlin)		Apr.-June 1995
    I04/I05W/I07C		(Toole)			June-July 1995
    I07N			(Olson)			July-Aug. 1995
    I10			(Bray/Sprintall)	Nov. 1995   
    ICM03			(Whitworth)		Jan.-Feb. 1997
    	Cruise Name		P.I.			Cruise Dates
    Antarktis X/5		(Peterson)		Aug.-Sept. 1992
    Arctic Ocean 94		(Swift)			July-Sept. 1994
    	Cruise Name		P.I.			Cruise Dates
    WOCE-S04I		(Whitworth)		May-July 1996   
    Arctic Ocean 97		(Swift)			Sept.-Oct. 1997
    HNRO7			(Talley)		June-July 1999
    KH36			(Talley)		July-Sept. 1999
    "Final" Data from cruise dates prior to 1992, or cruises which did not
    use NBIS CTDs, are NOT AFFECTED.
    post-1991 Preliminary Data NOT AFFECTED:
    Cruise Name	        	P.I.    			Cruise Dates
    Arctic Ocean 96		(Swift)			July-Sept. 1996
    WOCE-A24 (ACCE)		(Talley)		May-July 1997
    XP99			(Talley)		Aug.-Sept. 1999
    KH38			(Talley)		Feb.-Mar. 2000
    XP00			(Talley)		June-July 2000
  • See Note: James Swift

    Date: 2001-06-19
    Data Type: CTDTMP
    Action: Update Needed
    An oceanographically-insignificant error in CTDTMP data for this cruise has been found (ca. -0.00024*T - 0.00036 degC).  A data update is forthcoming. In the interim the corrected data files can be obtained from: ftp://odf.ucsd.edu/pub/HydroData/woce/crs
  • expocodes corrected Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-04-10
    Data Type: CTD/SUM
    Action: Website Updated:
    Expocode for sumfile was modified.   Expocodes in all ctd files have been editted to match the underscored expocode in the sum and bottle files.  New files were zipped and replaced existing ctd files online. Old files were moved to original directory.
  • Status Changed to Public Peter Schlosser

    Date: 2001-02-26
    Data Type: He/Tr/Ne
    Action: Website Updated:
    following up on bill jenkins's message, i would like to ask you to make public all ldeo woce tritium/he data that have been submitted to you.  because the tritium/he community has not yet finished the final calibration of the data, i might have to apply minor corrections to these data once the intercal. effort has been completed.  our acce work was funded over a 5-year period that ended in 2000.  consequently, this data set is further behind in quality control before submission, but i expect that we will get these data ready soon.
    SR3 was never funded in a 'regular' fashion, but i used noaa corc funds to keep the measurements of this sample set moving. i expect to finish the analyses this summer and submit them in fall.
  • found in 'sum file' directory Karla Uribe

    Date: 2000-12-11
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Submitted
    2000.12.11 KJU
    File contained here is a CRUISE SUMMARY and NOT sumfile. Documentation is online.
    2000.10.11 KJU
    Files were found in incoming directory under whp_reports. This directory was zipped, files were separated and placed under proper cruise. All of them are sum files.
    Received 1997 August 15th.
  • Data Online Stacey Anfuso

    Date: 2000-10-05
    Data Type: He/Tr/Ne
    Action: Website Updated:
    Merged DelHe3, Helium, Tritium, and Neon from Hohmann into hyd file. Updated hyd file is on line. Merging notes in original subdir 2000.03.10_S04P_HE_NE_HOHMANN. EXPO codes in sum and hyd file do not match. Notes per S. Anderson (1999.09.23) suggest EXPO code in sum file should be changed. Read-only permission on this file. Please see 00_README notes in original subdir regarding EXPO code:
    2000.10.04 SRA
    Split data file S4PHeNeTr.sea into a separate file for each parameter, removed blank spaces (no data) from Neon data.
    NOTE: NEON data for station 768 btl 15 had no data (white space) and flag = 2.  Changed flag to 9.
  • ascii version Robert Key

    Date: 2000-04-21
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Submitted
    I put a copy of the report (S4P.txt) in your INCOMING directory.  Unfortunately, my translator strings the tables out (by row) so it is a bit messy and the figures are cut. I do have all of the
    figures available as either simple ps or epsi files and could transform into pdf if there is any gain.
  • official release date is 9/16/2000 Robert Key

    Date: 2000-04-20
    Data Type: DELC14/DOC
    Action: Final Data Submitted
    S4P was a Schlosser cruise. The official release date for this data is 9/16/2000 which is about the same as the expected release date for the next CD-ROM. It is quite possible (probable) that this omission is my error rather than WHPO (I'm more hesitant to submit other's data and this may have fallen through the cracks in the process). Assuming this to be the case, I have attached an ascii version of the final data (S4P.C14).
    My data dump software isn't picky about format, so extra decimal values can be rounded to WOCE specs and any truncated too short can have O's added in the decimal field. otherwise, the data is to WOCE specs. I have also attached two versions of the final C14 report for this cruise (S4P.Cl4.pdf and S4P.C14.ps). The report is similar to previous final reports, has an OTL Tech Rep. # for reference, includes color figures, and is also accessible via the GLODAP web site. This cruise can now be listed as WHPO-RAW.
    I have talked to Steve regarding the LVS and I believe he is working on them.
    On the upcoming CD-ROM release it would be nice if the C-14 data could somehow be linked to the various Final Reports. 
  • Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2000-04-20
    Data Type: DELC14/DOC
    Action: Submitted
    Hi Bob,
    Just letting you know your 3 files (one data file, 2 doc files) made it across the ether and look fine.  The data file has the following header:
    Station,Cast,Bottle Number,Pressure (dB),Delta C-14 (0/00),c14e,c14f and includes stations 682 - 794.
    The pdf doc file has 11 pages, which we will insert directly into our online pdf doc for s04p.  One question.  Do you have a plain text file for this report that you could send?
    The 3 files described in my e-mail of earlier today have been ftp'ed to the whpo INCOMING directory.
    - bob
  • Please change "RU" to "90" on Russian cruises Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 2000-04-19
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Update Needed
    Please change all designations of "RU" to "90" for the Russian cruises.  We agreed on this a long time ago.
  • Can't locate data, see note: Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-04-19
    Data Type: DELC14
    Action: Data Update:
    S04P  Neither myself nor Jerry could find any documentation that these data came in, nor the data file itself.  I will ask Steve about this one ASAP.
  • Data Online Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-03-22
    Data Type: CO2
    Action: Website Updated:
    Hi All- I have merged Alex Kozyr's CO2 data into the WHP S04P bottle file.  Merged were total carbon, pco2 and pco2 tmp. Old bottle file has been moved to the original directory and replaced
    with the new merged file.  All tables and entries have been updated to reflect this change.  No errors were detected.
  • Data Online Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-03-22
    Data Type: CO2
    Action: Website Updated:
    Merging notes for CO2 merging into S04P:
    -Data sent from Alex Kozyr on 2000.02.14.  Stripped header info from file.
    -S04P bottle file obtained from WHPO website.
    -Used mrgsea (DMN) to merge: TCARBN, PCO2, PCO2TMP.
    -Missing values in co2 file sent by Kozyr was -999.9.  This was changed to WOCE format -9.0 in edited version of data prior to merging.
    -Changed expocode in WHPO bottle file from:  90KDIOFFE6/1  to  90KDIOFFE6_1.
    -Changed cruise date in WHPO bottle file from:  Feb. 14-April 6  to  021492-040692.
    -Ran wocecvt, only detected errors were in sumfile.
    -Ran read_hyd, no errors.
    -Ran maskhyd to add date/name stamp.
    -Output file called s04phy_mrg.txt
  • Roland Hohmann

    Date: 2000-03-10
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Submitted
    I just submitted the He, Ne and Tr data from the WHPO lines S4P and P16A/P17A. Please let me know if you can successfully read the data.
  • will compare w/ Lupton data first Roland Hohmann

    Date: 2000-02-15
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Almost ready to submit
    Peter Schlosser asked me to start with submitting our helium and tritium data sets that are ready. - I am about to send you the S4P, P16 and P17 data, but want to compare them with John Lupton's data first.
  • DQE Complete Alexander Kozyr

    Date: 2000-02-04
    Data Type: TCARBN/PCO2
    Action: Final Data Submitted
  • changed nitrate values, See note: Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 1999-09-22
    Data Type: NUTs
    Action: Data Update:
    I have changed the three nitrite values for S04P station 716, bottles 4, 5, and 6 to 0.01 per Jim's e-mail.  I also reformatted the .sum file.  Usual shifting, adding, deleting columns. I did change the EXPOCODE in the .sum file from 90KDIOFFE6/1 to RUKDIOFFE6_1 to conform with what is used on the web site and in the .sea file (I assume this means we are using RU for Russia instead of 90 which was used for the Soviet Union).
  • to A. McNichol; data should be DQE'd & ready to submit Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 1999-04-29
    Data Type: DELC13
    Action: Data Request:
    My understanding from Bob is that processing of C-13 for these lines is finished. Is it possible to obtain the data and/or an update on their status for the following cruise lines? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
  • status changed to public Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 1999-03-25
    Data Type: S/O, NUTs, CFCs
    Action: Website Updated:
    We're finally getting caught up here and we'll be putting out the AMS C14 data for S04P (90KDIOFFE6_1: Feb 1992).  NOSAMS date was 9/16/2000, and I'm pretty sure that you've laready OK'd this, but one can't be too sure.
    Simple confirmation is all that is required.  I hope that all is well on your end.  BTW, I'm still working on translating A12 data from you and straightening out the A13/A14 flag weirdness.
  • New BTL file online Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 1999-01-14
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have placed the new bottle data file on the website from the WHOI Pacific Atlas.  Mark Warner pointed out to me that he had indeed given the CFCs to Terry Joyce right before the conference.  In any case, this file also has TCARBN values and is public.
    All tables have been updated to reflect these changes.
    -sd 1999.01.14
  • Mark J. Warner

    Date: 1999-01-14
    Data Type: CFCs/TCARBN
    Action: DQE Issues Resolved
  • J. Swift responsible for ctd/btl, M. Warner CFCs Mikhail N. Koshlyakov

    Date: 1995-04-12
    Data Type: CTD/BTL
    Action: Status Update:
    There is an agreement that Dr. Jim Swift has taken responsibility for preparation of the FINAL CTD/Rossette data (except CFCs) and submitting it to WHP Office for further release. Dr. Mark Warner is responsible for the preparation of the CFCs. I have no objections against data release for public use and greet that these data would be accessible for oceanographic community.
    Regards, Mikhail Koshlyakov.
  • J. C. Jennings-Jr.

    Date: 1995-03-30
    Data Type: NUTs
    Action: DQE Report sent to PI
  • Notice to M. Koshlyakov & J. Richman Terrence M. Joyce

    Date: 1995-03-30
    Data Type: NUTs/CTD
    Action: DQE Complete
    We have now heard back from two DQEs on your IOFFE S4 dataset. Lou Gordon & Joe Jennings examined the nutrients while Eugene Morozov, who is visiting the V;BPO for three months, looked at the salinity, oxygen and CTD data. Each of the reports is attached as well as a table where each of the DQEs have some disagreement with the quality assessment of the bottle data.
    First, both of them agree that the data are of high quality, but there are, of course, some problems in their view. As for the CTD data, they were not submitted with any CTDOXY in the bottle data. Some of the early datasets from ODF did not have this, but more recent ones do. You should contact Jim Swift and request that it be added to the file. Besides making the bottle data more complete, it greatly facilitates the DQEs' task of judging how well the CTDOXY is 'calibrated' to the bottles. Note that many of Morozov's comments deal with CTDOXY from the CTD files and how it 'disagrees' with bottle data from the up cast. There are also some suggestions from the data about possible leaking bottles that you might consider. There are only 6 instances where the DQE differs from the quality assessment as submitted by you. Unless there are strong arguments to the contrary, we will accept the DQE suggestions.
    There are numerous comments on the nutrient data, particularly the nitrate. Also note that the DQE thought many of your data flagged bad were either questionable or good. In this case, we will let you be the judge-if you want to retain you quality flag of "4", we will do so.
    Both reviewers noted that the lack of previous high quality data iu the region, makes it impossible to compare with earlier cruises; this means that your dataset will become our standard for comparison with other W11P cruises in the southern reaches of the Pacific.
    I am sending this report to both of you, but I expect Jim Richman to respond to this letter.
  • Eugene G. Morozov

    Date: 1995-03-14
    Data Type: CTD/S/O
    Action: DQE Report Submitted
  • to Mikhail N. Koshlyakov Terrence M. Joyce

    Date: 1994-12-08
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Data Status Update:
    We have been waiting for the data evaluator reports on your bottle data from S4, and have only a partial report on the nutrients. We also are still waiting for the CFC data from Mark Warner and the CTD data from Scripps. We will continue to seek these data and will keep you posted when something happens; perhaps a message from you asking for them to be submitted might help? In the meantime, the enclosed floppy disk contains the most up to date version of the bottle data and station summary file we have, as well as a program, written for an IBM-type PC, for looking at the bottle data. It is provided to the data quality evaluators for flagging bad or questionable data; you might find it helpful. Those individuals you listed as needing access to this data set have been contacted by us; you need not send them a copy of the data enclosed.
  • update note to T.Joyce Alexander Kozyr

    Date: 1994-12-01
    Data Type: CO2
    Action: DQE Begun:
    I am pleased to inform you that the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) has received the final carbon-related measurements (Total C02 and PC02) from the 1992 R/V Akademik Ioffe expedition 90KDIOFF6/1 (WOCE section S4P). Taro Takahashi, David Chipman, and Stewart Sutherland of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory provided the carbon-related measurements along with files containing the preliminary hydrographic and chemical measurements and the station inventories. We will furnish you with the results of our DQE on the S4P data after completion. If there are further developments on the DQE and processing of the hydrographic measurements, please let us know.
  • from M. Koshlyakov Jane Dunworth-Baker

    Date: 1994-10-05
    Data Type: C14/CO2/CFC/HeTr
    Action: Data Request
    Mikhail Koshlyakov has requested that the WHP office solicit data, on his behalf, from his S4 cruise on the Prof Ioffe. Our records show the following PIs , and their measurement responsibilities:
    Dr. Greg	Rau:	carbon isotopes
    Dr Peter	Schlosser: AMS C14, helium, tritium, 018
    Dr David	Chipman: TC02, pC02 and underway pC02.
    Dr Mark Warner: CFCs
    If the WHPO can help in any way with the formatting and/or merging of the data into the WOCE format, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Received from M. Koshlyakov Terrence M. Joyce

    Date: 1994-07-01
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Submitted for DQE
    Dear Dr. Koshlyakov:
    Thank you for sending the WOCE Hydrographic Programme Office the bottle data from your cruise aboard the Ak. loffe for WOCE Line S4. The expocode used to refer to this cruise is 90KDIOFFE6/1.
  • Received from J.Rickman Terrence M. Joyce

    Date: 1994-07-01
    Data Type: BTL
    Action: Submitted for DQE
    Dear Dr. Rickman:
    Thank you for sending the WOCE Hydrographic Programme Office the bottle data from your cruise aboard the Ak. Ioffe for WOCE Line S4. The expocode used to refer to this cruise is 90KDIOFFE6/1.
  • Helen Gordon

    Date: 1994-05-18
    Data Type: SUM/DOC
    Action: Sent to DQE
    Dear Dr. Gordon:
    Dr. Joyce asked me to send you the enclosed two diskettes with the bottle data from SR4 (ANT VIII and ANT IX) and S4. Besides the data files, there are *.SUM and *.DOC files for each cruise. We are including reference data from AJAX2 for your use and the latest version of WHPEDIT.