Hydrographic Cruise: 49NZ199909_2

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientist:
  • (CCHDO) 49NZ19990911
  • (CCHDO) 49MR99K05_2
  • (CCHDO) MI9905


Files in the Dataset are the data for this cruise. They are updated when new data are submitted or as needed.

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Data History

  • File Merge Roxanne Lee

    49MR99K05_2_hy1.csv (download) #d60a6
    Date: 2016-11-30
    Current Status: merged
  • JAMSTEC bottle data Roxanne Lee

    Date: 2016-11-30
    Data Type: Bottle
    Action: New
    P01H 1999 49NZ199909_2 processing - BTL/new 
    R Lee
    filename                             submitted by                   date        id  
    49MR99K05_2_hy1.csv		     Roxanne Lee for JAMSTEC	    2016-08-23  12296
    - EXPOCODE from 49MR99K05_2 to 49NZ199909_2
    - SECT to SECT_ID
    - DEPTH units from M to METERS
    - THETA units from ITS-90 to DEG C
    - SIG0 units from KG/CUM to KG/M^3
    49NZ199909_2_hy1.csv and 49NZ199909_2_nc_hyd.zip opened in JOA with no apparent problems.
    CTDSAL flags (flag 1) follow the WOCE CTD Quality Codes defined in the Exchange Format: Flag 1 - Not Calibrated
    file                    converted from       software               
    49NZ199909_2_nc_hyd.zip 49NZ199909_2_hy1.csv hydro 0.8.2-47-g3c55cd3
    Updated Files Manifest
    file                    stamp            
    49NZ199909_2_hy1.csv    20161130CCHSIORJL
    49NZ199909_2_nc_hyd.zip 20161130CCHSIORJL
  • File Online Roxanne Lee

    49MR99K05_2_hy1.csv (download) #d60a6
    Date: 2016-10-26
    Current Status: merged
  • File Submission Roxanne Lee

    49MR99K05_2_hy1.csv (download) #d60a6
    Date: 2016-08-23
    Current Status: merged
    Exchange BTL file from the JAMSTEC website (http://www.jamstec.go.jp/iorgc/ocorp/data/p01rev_1999/P1H/index.html)
    Data updates include: DELC14 data (Bob Key 2007/07/02) 

  • New PDF and Text versions online Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2009-01-15
    Data Type: CrsRpt
    Action: Website Updated
  • Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2006-11-06
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Website Updated
    Justin was able to get all the p01_1999 data online this morning. Based on our time stamps, it looks like all the ctd files have been worked by our data specialists.  2 of the hyd files have time stamps, 2 don't.  We'll be looking at them more closely in the next couple weeks and will let you know if we find any anomalies.
  • available on JAMSEC website Gregory C. Johnson

    Date: 2006-11-02
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Data are Public
    I note that P01 data are now in the public domain (see http://www.jamstec.go.jp/iorgc/ocorp/data/p01rev_1999/index.html), but are listed on the CCHDO site as with the PI (see http://cchdo.ucsd.edu/data/tables/onetime/1tim_pac.htm#P01).  Would it be possible for these data to be served publicly on the CCHDO site now?