Hydrographic Cruise: 33RR20120721

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientists:
Roger Revelle


Files in the Dataset are the data for this cruise. They are updated when new data are submitted or as needed.

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Unmerged Data as Received

Files listed here are updates to the dataset which have not been processed yet, they may not be well formatted. Data files listed here usually contain the most up to date versions of the data for specific parameters. If you are unsure of which files to use, stick to the Dataset files above.

These files are not yet in the Dataset.

Filename (Download) Size Date Submitted
spam1_microstructure.zip 8.6 MB 2018-08-14

Data History

  • File Submission Lynne Merchant

    spam1_microstructure.zip (download) #d3321
    Date: 2018-08-14
    Current Status: unprocessed
    Microstructure data in netcdf format updated. Bad data has been flagged with -99999 and chi_T dropped.