Hydrographic Cruise: 320696_3

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientist:


Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Data History

  • Updated pdf & text docs online Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2013-07-25
    Data Type: CrsRpt
    Action: Website Update
    * Chief Scientist changed from James Swift to Thomas Witworth on web
       site, as per James Swift
    * Note added to table 1: "The LADCP was lost during a test, therefore
       no LADCP data are reported for this cruise."
    * Data Processing notes updated/expanded
    * New text and pdf versions of the cruise report added to online
    * Old cruise reports moved to "original" directory.
  • remerge Warner's DQE'd CFCs James Swift

    Date: 2006-11-02
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: Data Update
    t was decided at today's CCHDO meeting to merge or remerge CFCs for all WHP cruises in Mark Warner's CFC DQE file (Southern Ocean WHO lines).  This will assure all that the CFCs for these cruises are indeed updated as intended.  Danie and Sarilee will attend to this promptly.  Danie will see that the sections of greatest urgency to Lynne receive top priority.
    The list of cruises in Mark's file was as follows:
    A21:		EXPOCODE: 06MT11_5
    A23:		EXPOCODE: 74JC10_1
    S03_S04I:	EXPOCODE: 09AR9404_1
    S04I:		EXPOCODE: 320696_3
    SR04_ANTXV4:	EXPOCODE: 06ANT15_4
    It may be that the CFCs for the following cruises from the list above have already been updated:
    >   sr04antxv4
    >   s04p
    >   a23
    >   a21
    But, to be certain, the CCHDO will update them as well.
    As far as why these cruises did not get updated with Mark's DQE'd CFCs, we have no idea.  Sorry.  All of the other ocean basins' CFCs were updated years ago.
    Jim Swift
  • OK to add to online cruise report Alexander Kozyr

    Date: 2006-04-28
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Submitted
    Actually it is very good idea to include CDIAC NDPs (Numeric Data Packages) that describe methods and instrumentation of CO2-related measurements with the related data files in WHPO/CCHDO database. I would be happy to see that.
  • New PDF and text docs online Lauren Coartney

    Date: 2003-09-09
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    New text and PDF docs online.
  • Final files submitted, merged into online file Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2003-08-28
    Data Type: SUM/CTD/BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    ODF submitted final data files for the bottle, ctd, and .sum data. I merged values and QUALT flags from the online file into the new final bottle file. Made new exchange and netcdf files. Put all files online and sent notes to Jerry.
    Notes on the s04i remerge:
    Aug. 27, 2003
    Copied the QUALT1 flags to the QUALT2 flags in the ODF final data file 320696_3.sea found in s04/s04i/original/ODF_FINAL_2003_S04I/s4ihyd.
    Merged CFC-11, CFC-12, HELIUMN, DELHE3, DELHER, DELC14, 14ERR, DELC13, TACRBN, ALKALI, and PCO2 and their corresponding QUALT1 and QUALT2 flags from the online file 20030312WHPOSIODM into the ODF final data file 320696_3.sea.
    I did not merge REVPRS and REVTMP because the values were all -9.0.
    Checked the .sum file and made some minor column adjustments.
    The ctd files (s4ictd.zip) found in the ODF_FINAL_2003_S04I directory were formatted correctly, renamed them from 00101.ctd to s04i0001.wct, ect., and made a new zip file, s04ict.zip.
  • Decimal-1 data replaced with decimal-2 data Dave Muus

    Date: 2003-03-12
    Data Type: DELC13
    Action: Website Updated:
    Replaced DELC13 decimal-1-data with decimal-2-data from same original data files.
    Notes on S04I             Mar 12, 2003      D. Muus
    1. Replaced 1-decimal-place DELC13 in s04ihy.txt (20020509WHPOSIOSA)
      with 2-decimal-place DELC13 from:
    2. Both QUALT1 and QUALT2 set to QF value given in original data file.
    3. Replaced all "1"s in QUALT2 with QUALT1 flags.
       Checked that non-1 values in QUALT2 are equal to the corresponding QUALT1
       flags in the original bottle file. Only dicrepancy was Station 2, Cast 2,
       Sample 24 where original DELHE3 QUALT1 flag was 5 whereas original QUALT2
       flag was 9. Changed new bottle file to correspond with with original.
    4. Made new exchange file for Bottle data.
    5. Checked new bottle file with Java Ocean Atlas.
  • Data Ready to be Merged Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 2003-02-11
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Update Needed
    Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003 4:04 pm
    S04I event log by Steve Diggs ( / wati.ucsd.edu)
    Expocode: 320696_3
    Bottle: (tritum, helium, delhe3)
    (Same as A24 he/tr data)
     Data files (xls and csv) were sent to ODF email account. Once found, these data were place in the holding directory under 20020522_S04I_HE-TR_NEWTON and are ready to merge into the bottle file.
  • New PDF doc online. Lauren Coartney

    Date: 2003-01-24
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    New PDF doc online.
  • New text doc online Lauren Coartney

    Date: 2002-12-18
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    New text doc up.
  • New PDF doc online Lauren Coartney

    Date: 2002-12-18
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    New PDF doc online.
  • DELHE3 edited per Newton's response, new exchange file Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-05-10
    Data Type: DELHE3
    Action: Website Updated:
    Made some changes to the DELHE3 and DELHER re Bob Newton's response to my e-mail. Sent notes file to Jerry with copy of e-mail.
    Made new exchange file.
  • Some values out of range Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-05-09
    Data Type: DELHE3
    Action: Update Needed from Bob Newton
    I have been merging the helium data you sent in April and have a question. In some cases the delhe3 values are very out of line with the rest of the data. Granted they are flagged 4, but since they exceed in both directions the range listed in the WOCE manual, our programs choke on them.  What should we do with these samples (see sta. 2, samp. 34, 25, 24, 22, and 20)?
    Also, occasionally (see sta. 40, samp. 7) there is a delher value when there is no delhe3 value.  What should be done with these?
  • See note: Bob Newton

    Date: 2002-05-09
    Data Type: DELHE3
    Action: Answer to Sarilee's query
    These far-out-of-range values are typically from samples where something has gone drastically wrong in the extraction process (loss of vacuum, cracked ampule, etc.).  I've reported them as "4" rather than "5" just in case you guys wanted to keep track of where samples were taken; and where they were not.  But since, for reasons such as those cited above, we were not able to make a legitimate measurement, I don't see any problem in changing their status to "5" (no value reported) and changing the measurement values to "-999".  Peter: does that seem right to you?
    Where there is no delhe3 value reported, the delhe3_err value should be "-999".
  • Data Online Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-05-08
    Data Type: C14/C13/CO2/He
    Action: Website Updated:
    Merged DELC13, TCARBN, ALKALI, DELC14, C14ERR, PC02, HELIUM, DELHE3, and DELHER into the .sea file and put online.
    Sent file with notes to Jerry.
  • Data Online Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2002-05-03
    Data Type: C14/C13/CO2
    Action: Website Updated:
    Notes on s04i merging:
    Merged DELC14 and C14ERR from S4I.C14 found in web site: ...southern/s04/s04i/original/20002010_KEY_S4I_C14 into the online file.
    Merged DELC13 from 20020401.102545_GERLACH_S04I_whpo_s04i.txt found in web site: ...southern/s04/s04i/original/20020401.102545_GERLACH_S04I into the online file.
    Merged TCARBN, ALKALI, and PCO2 from s4icarb.txt found in web site: ...southern/s04/s04i/original/2000.09.13_S4I_CARB_BARTOLACCI into the online file.
  • Header added Heidi Buck

    Date: 2002-04-12
    Data Type: C14
    Action: Data moved from incoming
    Moved S4I.C14 data from /usr/export/ftp-incoming to s04/s04i/original/20020410_KEY_S4I_C14. Data is a CSV file and contains C14 data. Added this line to header # S04I, 320696_3, Key.
  • See Note: Heidi Buck

    Date: 2002-04-01
    Data Type: DELC13
    Action: Data moved from incoming
    Moved data from /usr/export/html-public/cgi/SUBMIT/INCOMING/20020401.102545_GERLACH_SO4I to /usr/export/html-public/data/onetime/southern/s04/s04i/original/20020401.102545_GERLACH_SO4I. Directory contains a readme file from teh data submission page and a data file with delc13.
  • See Note: Adel Hajrasuliha

    Date: 2002-01-03
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Internal DQE completed
    created .ps files. created *check.txt files.
  • Exchange file online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-12-26
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    CTD has been converted to exchange using the new code and put online.
  • Robert Key

    Date: 2001-12-11
    Data Type: DELC14
    Action: DQE Report Submitted
  • Data submitted to WHPO, reformatting needed Robert Key

    Date: 2001-10-12
    Data Type: DELC14, DELC13
    Action: Submitted
    To save time the S4I file is attached. I included c13 as well as c14. Note that my software isn't aware of the "official" number of decimal places. If too many are listed the values can be rounded, if too few just add the appropriate number of "0"'s.
  • SUM file format corrected Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 2001-10-02
    Data Type: SUM
    Action: Data Update:
    At Mary Johnson's request I have corrected line 23-24 (Cast 1, Station 1 EN) which needed a formatting correction. That line needed a line feed and an expocode. Old file moved to original and all documentation updated.
  • Exchange file online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-06-21
    Data Type: CTD/BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    CTD and bottle exchange files were put online.
  • Processing error corrected, revised data available by ftp. Mary Johnson

    Date: 2001-06-20
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Data Update:
    ODF has discovered a small error in the algorithm used to convert ITS90 temperature calibration data to IPTS68.  This error affects reported Mark III CTD temperature data for most cruises that occurred in 1992-1999.  A complete list of affected data sets appears below.
    ODF temperature calibrations are reported on the ITS90 temperature scale.  ODF internally maintains these calibrations for CTD data processing on the IPTS68 scale.  The error involved converting ITS90 calibrations to IPTS68.  The amount of error is close to linear with temperature: approximately -0.00024 degC/degC, with a -0.00036 degC offset at 0 degC.  Previously reported data were low by 0.00756 degC at 30 degC, decreasing to 0.00036 degC low at 0 degC.  Data reported as ITS90 were also affected by a similar amount.  CTD conductivity calibrations have been recalculated to account for the temperature change.  Reported CTD salinity and oxygen data were not significantly affected.
    Revised final data sets have been prepared and will be available soon from ODF (ftp://odf.ucsd.edu/pub/HydroData).  The data will eventually be updated on the whpo.ucsd.edu website as well.
    IPTS68 temperatures are reported for PCM11 and Antarktis X/5, as originally submitted to their chief scientists.  ITS90 temperatures are reported for all other cruises.
    Changes in the final data vs. previous release (other than temperature and negligible differences in salinity/oxygen):
    S04P:	694/03 CTD data were not reported, but CTD values were reported with the bottle data.  No conductivity correction was applied to these values in the original .sea file.  This release uses the same conductivity correction as the two nearest casts to correct salinity.
    AO94:	Eight CTD casts were fit for ctdoxy (previously uncalibrated) and resubmitted to the P.I. since the original release.  The WHP-format bottle file was not regenerated.  The CTDOXY for the following stations should be significantly different than the original .sea file values:
    	  009/01  013/02  017/01  018/01  026/04  033/01  036/01  036/02
    I09N:	The 243/01 original CTD data file was not rewritten after updating the ctdoxy fit.  This release uses the correct ctdoxy data for the .ctd file.  The original .sea file was written after the update occurred, so the ctdoxy values reported with bottle data should be minimally different.
    	WOCE Section ID		P.I.			Cruise Dates
    S04P			(Koshlyakov/Richman)	Feb.-Apr. 1992
    P14C			(Roemmich)		Sept. 1992
    PCM11			(Rudnick)		Sept. 1992
    P16A/P17A (JUNO1)	(Reid)			Oct.-Nov. 1992
    P17E/P19S (JUNO2)	(Swift)			Dec. 1992 - Jan. 1993
    P19C			(Talley)		Feb.-Apr. 1993	
    P17N			(Musgrave)		May-June 1993
    P14N			(Roden)			July-Aug. 1993
    P31			(Roemmich)		Jan.-Feb. 1994
    A15/AR15		(Smethie)		Apr.-May 1994   
    I09N			(Gordon)		Jan.-Mar. 1995
    I08N/I05E		(Talley)		Mar.-Apr. 1995
    I03			(Nowlin)		Apr.-June 1995
    I04/I05W/I07C		(Toole)			June-July 1995
    I07N			(Olson)			July-Aug. 1995
    I10			(Bray/Sprintall)	Nov. 1995   
    ICM03			(Whitworth)		Jan.-Feb. 1997
    	Cruise Name		P.I.			Cruise Dates
    Antarktis X/5		(Peterson)		Aug.-Sept. 1992
    Arctic Ocean 94		(Swift)			July-Sept. 1994
    	Cruise Name		P.I.			Cruise Dates
    WOCE-S04I		(Whitworth)		May-July 1996   
    Arctic Ocean 97		(Swift)			Sept.-Oct. 1997
    HNRO7			(Talley)		June-July 1999
    KH36			(Talley)		July-Sept. 1999
    "Final" Data from cruise dates prior to 1992, or cruises which did not
    use NBIS CTDs, are NOT AFFECTED.
    post-1991 Preliminary Data NOT AFFECTED:
    Cruise Name	        	P.I.    			Cruise Dates
    Arctic Ocean 96		(Swift)			July-Sept. 1996
    WOCE-A24 (ACCE)		(Talley)		May-July 1997
    XP99			(Talley)		Aug.-Sept. 1999
    KH38			(Talley)		Feb.-Mar. 2000
    XP00			(Talley)		June-July 2000
  • found in 'sum file' directory Karla Uribe

    Date: 2000-12-11
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Submitted
    2000.12.11 KJU
    File contained here is a CRUISE SUMMARY and NOT sumfile. Documentation is online.
    2000.10.11 KJU
    Files were found in incoming directory under whp_reports. This directory was zipped, files were separated and placed under proper cruise. All of them are sum files.
    Received 1997 August 15th.
  • TCARBN, ALKALI, PCO2, PCO2TMP Alexander Kozyr

    Date: 2000-09-13
    Data Type: CO2
    Action: Final Data Submitted
    I have just put the final and public CO2-related data for the WOCE Section S4I 
    (EXPOCODE 320696_2) in your INCOMING ftp area. The data consist of TCARBN, 
    ALKALI, PCO2, PCO2TMP, and quality flags. The data were submitted to CDIAC by 
    Taro Takahashi of LDEO and Frank Millero of RSMAS.
  • data unencrypted Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-06-08
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/CFCs
    Action: Website Updated:
  • See note: Thomas Whitworth

    Date: 2000-05-09
    Data Type: CTD/BTL
    Action: Data are Public
    The 1996 Palmer S4I data may be made public.  I am almost certain that my co-Chief Scientist will agree.
  • See note: Robert Key

    Date: 2000-05-05
    Data Type: DELC14
    Action: Data are NonPublic
    Thank you for the notice regarding S4I C14 and the new CD-ROM. The proprietary period for this data (2 years after measurement) ends 2/16/2001 or later (I'm not sure that the measurements for this cruise are even finished). I do not want these data made public yet.
  • See note: Peter Schlosser

    Date: 2000-03-24
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Data are Public
    as mentioned in my recent message, we will release our data with a flag that indicates that they are not yet final. We started the process of transferring the data and we will continue with the transfer during the next weeks. I had listed the expected order of delivery in my last message.
  • Confirming Whitworth as Chi. Sci. James Swift

    Date: 1999-05-05
    Data Type: Cruise ID
    Action: n/a
    Regarding S4I, Nowlin had foot surgery shortly before the cruise and cancelled.  All my interactions since have been with Tom Whitworth.  So, yes, he is Chief Scientist and chief contact for the R/V Palmer S4I cruise.
  • Mary Johnson

    Date: 1998-07-29
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Next on ODF agenda
  • Thomas Whitworth

    Date: 1998-01-23
    Data Type: SUM/BTL
    Action: Submitted
  • Stephen Rutz

    Date: 1998-01-23
    Data Type: BTL/CTD
    Action: Data are NonPublic