Hydrographic Cruise: 31TTTPS24_1

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Chief Scientists:
  • (CCHDO) 31TTTPS24


Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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    • woce: p03bct.zip (Updated Prior to 2015, 1.3 MB)
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Data History

  • station 155 Masao Fukasawa

    Date: 2005-12-06
    Data Type: SUM
    Action: Update Needed
    I am writing this mail to report an possible erroneous station location of P3-1985. We are now reoccupying P3 stations. When we occupied stn.155 following the .sum file of P3-1985, we measured the water depth at the station only as 900m though .sum file of P3-1985 reads 2107m. Find an sea beam sounding records of R/V Mirai with original station locations as an attached file. In the plot, station 155 is located in the north of the next station of 154. Also CTD file of P3-1985 shows the maximum pressure as 2128db at the stasion 155.
    As the result, it seems that the location of station 155 in .sum file of P3-1085 is erroneous.
  • dead reckoning without a good fix for 3 hours Dean Roemmich

    Date: 2005-12-06
    Data Type: SUM
    Action: Data Update, stn 155 location
    I have the handwritten "science logbook" for both legs of P3-1985. I believe this logbook was the source of the "official" positions. It contains the same (probably incorrect) location for stn. 155 as the sum file.
    The only clue as to what went wrong is a notation on the position "DRT 03 50", which I believe must mean that the Satnav system had been dead reckoning without a good fix for 3 hours and 50 mins. Based on Masao's graphic, it would seem that the ship was positioned correctly in between stns 154 and 157, but the recorded position was erroneously taken from the dead reckoning Satnav computer. (???)
  • Exchange file online Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 2001-12-04
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    Exchange CTD files re-made and placed online from Sarilee's data update (2001.10.09).
  • pdf, new txt versions online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-10-30
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    Text documentation for this cruise was replaced with a newer version. PDF version of documentation has now been put online.
  • Reformatted data online Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2001-10-09
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    SE found 5 stations missing from the CTD zipped files. Found the stations, reformatted, added headers, and rezipped files. The missing stations were 1, 257, 310,365, and 388. The old files were renamed and moved to the original directory. New files were put online.
  • Stations 1, 257, 310, 365 and 388 added, files WOCE formatted Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2001-10-07
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    Added stations 1, 257, 310, 365, and 388 to the ctd files.  They were discovered to be missing by SE.
    Reformatted the data files to WOCE format and added headers to those five stations.
    Sarilee Anderson
  • CTD station files missing Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2001-10-02
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Update Needed
    As per SE there are 4 CTD station files missing from the on line CTD zipped file. This matter is being investigated at this time.
    SE wrote-
    Could you check on 4 stations for me in p03?  Stations 388, 365, 257, and 1 used to have ctd data ( from Lynne's original work that I am using as a template for making these new plots), but these 4 are not in the dataset I downloaded from the web site.  If you could give me information on these, I can either wait for the data or go ahead without them.  There is bottle data for these stations, but no ctd data.
  • CTD corrected, new file online Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2001-09-27
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    It was found that the ctd station file for station 320 was mistakenly labeled as station 310. The file name was corrected, and new zipped ctd files are online. Since station 310 is missing from even the original files forwarded from WHOI, ODF has been contacted in an attempt to obtain a new ctd data set, or at least the station 310 file. 
  • SUM file reformatted, CFCs merged into BTL Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2001-09-07
    Data Type: CFC/BTL/SUM
    Action: Website Updated:
    New CFC's were merged into the bottle file for each leg. These new files have replaced current online files. updated (reformatted) sumfiles have also replaced current versions. 
    Below are notes from merging CFC's into P03a and P03b:
    Notes on P03 CFC merging Sep 6, 2001.     D. Muus
    1. New CFC-11 and CFC-12 from:
    /usr/export/html-public/data/onetime/pacific/p03/original/ 20010709_P03_CFC_UPDT_WISEGARVER/20010709.165533_WISEGARVER_P03/
    merged into web SEA files as of Sept 6, 2001: 20000703WHPOSIODMB
    File names changed from p03a (second leg) to p03w and p03b (first leg)  to p03e
    One file contained new CFC data for both legs.
    No SEA file QUALT2 words so added QUALT2 identical to QUALT1 prior to merging.
    CFC file has 3 digit sampno as Cast# & Bottle# while .SEA files have SAMPNO as Bottle# only.  CFC file has -9 for Bottle numbers.   Changed CFC files by deleting Cast# portion of sampno in order to merge.
    2. SUMMARY files: Leg 1 (20010326WHPOSIOKJU) 
    Leg 2 (no version code)
    have "INT" (interpolated?) as NAV entry numerous times.  "INT" not a NAV code per WOCE Manual.
    EVENT CODE is BO, EN, BE rather than normal sequence of BE, BO, EN.
    All three position and time entries for each station are identical since this is a Pre-WOCE cruise. Left NAV and EVENT CODEs unchanged.
    EXPOCODEs for Leg 2 SUMMARY file changed from 31TTTPS24/2 to 31TTTPS24_2.
    EXPOCODEs for Leg 1 SUMMARY file already okay as 31TTTPS24_1.
    3. Exchange files checked using Java Ocean Atlas.
  • CFC is updated and ready to merge Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2001-09-05
    Data Type: BTL/CFC
    Action: Data Ready to be Merged
    I have placed updated CFC values into the P03/original directory. These files were sent by D. Wisegarver on 2001.07.09 and are ready for merging.
  • Exchange file online Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-06-22
    Data Type: CTD/BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
    CTD and Bottle files in exchange format have been put online.
  • problems with precision and accuracy Robert Key

    Date: 2000-07-17
    Data Type: CO2
    Action: No Data Submitted
    On TPS cruises which were sampled for TCO2, there were problems with precision and accuracy. These data have never been reported to either me of CDIAC. Feely's group did what sampling there was for the various carbon parameters. I believe that he does have alk values for at least one of the three TPS lines.  Note that carbon data from the Japanese zonal line(s) is available from Feely (at least he has the data) and permissions.
  • data are public Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-07-05
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Website Updated:
  • delhe3/helium re-merged into btl file/online Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-07-05
    Data Type: HELIUM
    Action: Website Updated:
     Bottle: (helium, delhe3, qualt1)
    Re-merged delhe3 and helium into both P03 legs (sent by L. Evans, different flags) replaced online files, updated webpages to indicate the change. As per J. Swift, 1999.10.25 email left these files as entirely public and unencrypted.
    Merging Notes for p03 legs 1 and 2.
    -Copied current bottle files from p03/p03a directory.  Leg 1(p03bhy_complete.asc) and leg2(p03ahy_complete.asc) were encrypted and needed to be unencrypted.*NOTE* individual legs have different passwords for encyrption!
    -Converted the Evans' csv helium files to woce format for ingesting into David Newton's mrgsea program.  Used perl script convlupton.pl for this.
    Two new edited files named:  p3leg1woce_edt.txt
    -Used Newton's mrgsea program to merge HELIUM and DELHE3 into both bottle files.  Added date/name stamp.
    Output files in this directory are named:
    -ran wocecvt on both files:
            p03ahy_complete_delhe3_he - no errors detected.  
            p03bhy_complete_delhe3_he - no errors detected. 
    -renamed files p03*hy_complete.txt and replaced current files. According to data detail 1999.10.25 J. Swift indicated that no Pre-Woce data from p03 should still be encrypted.
  • not yet merged into btl file Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2000-06-21
    Data Type: helium/delhe3
    Action: Website Updated:
  • See note: James Swift

    Date: 1999-10-25
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Data are Public
    there is no reason that any data from the "pre-WOCE WOCE lines" (P1, P3, A16, etc.)
    should be encrypted. 
  • data OnLine, encrypted Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 1999-03-30
    Data Type: He/Tr
    Action: Website Updated:
    now has an encrypted version of the bottle data file that contains
    	helium and tritium in addition to the public version of the bottle file.
  • Lynne Talley

    Date: 1999-01-21
    Data Type: TRITUM
    Action: Submitted for DQE
    I just received tritium data for P01 and P03 (the old tps47 and tps24 sections) from Miami. I will ftp them to your incoming and Danie can merge them at some point.
  • see note: Lynne Talley

    Date: 1999-01-12
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: Submitted
    I am ftping a file with the CFC data from Ray Weiss, courtesy of Peter Salameh, for the two old cruises TPS47 (P01) and TPS24 (P03). I will have Danie merge them and then the final files should be placed in the WHPO public site.  I will also contact John Lupton about helium data and the Miami lab about tritium data for the same cruises.
  • John E. Lupton

    Date: 1998-07-07
    Data Type: HELIUM
    Action: Final Data Submitted
  • Status changed to Public Stephen C. Diggs

    Date: 1998-04-17
    Data Type: CTD/BTL
    Action: Website Updated:
  • Peter Salameh

    Date: 1996-07-09
    Data Type: CFCs
    Action: Submitted for DQE
  • Arnold Mantyla

    Date: 1990-11-09
    Data Type: NUTs/S/O
    Action: Sent to DQE
  • Louis I. Gordon

    Date: 1990-11-01
    Data Type: NUTs
    Action: DQE Begun