Hydrographic Cruise: 316N142_4

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Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Data History

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    Date: 2015-04-23
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  • Files formatted to contain oxygen in correct WOCE units Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-07-21
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    Thanks to Sarilee's help, these files have been formatted and now contain oxygens in correct WOCE units. The date in the first five CTD station files (1-5) have been edited to match the date within the summary file (months were incorrect). These files have checked with wctcvt and been zipped and placed online. Previous files have been moved to original directory.
  • Summary station file created from CTD Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-05-23
    Data Type: SUM
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have created a summary station file by hand from the original unformatted CTD files. File passes sumchk with no errors.
    Regenerated web page, sumfile is now online. CTD reformatting underway and will be finished shortly.
  • stn 5 ending lon Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-05-06
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Clarification Request:
    Thanks for the reply.  It was the mix of deg/min/sec with dec. degrees within each station that had us a bit apprehensive to continue.  Also, unless I hear otherwise from you I'm going to assume that the ending lon. for station #5 is supposed to be -35:59.704 and not what it is reported in the file (as -35:559.704).  The beginning lon was -35:59:0.85 so it seems logical.  Let me know if this is incorrect. I'll begin reformatting these files now that you have confirmed that the lat/lon values are mixed with regard to how they're reported and I'll ping on you again if any more problems pop out.
    I downloaded the files from your ftp site just for good measure but didn't see any cruise documentation.  Do you know from where or whom we might find a cruise report?  A quick internet search didn't provide any contact info for Jack Whitehead.  Could you point us in his direction perhaps?
  • clarified lat/lon inconsistencies Richard Limeburner

    Date: 2003-03-19
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Data Update:
    I was on the cruises that collected the KN04 and Iselin 1992-10 CTD data, and I can answer all your questions.
     The data is can also be found at anonymous ftp.whoi.edu
     cd /pub/users/rlimeburner/AABW/knorr1994/ctd
     The ascii files are named *.prs and each has a header similar to
       Vessel: KN04-142-4   |Cruise #:4              |
        Sta.#:1             |Operator: DERMEVAL      |
      Inst. #: IM01KN02     | Direct.: D             |
     CAL Extn: C00          |    Date: 30-MAY-1994   |
      St.Time: 20:02:48     | En.Time: 21:28:19      |
      St.Lat.:-1  :37:0.46  | En.Lat.:-1:37.276      |
      St.Long:-36 :2 :0.17  | En.Long:-36:02.333     |
        Depth:4202   Meters |    Obs.: 80162         |
     Averover:   1  DBar    |ScanRate: 15.625  Hz    |
     PRES*min: 1.0          |PRES*max: 4270.86       |
     TEMP*min:  1.27496     |TEMP*max: 28.42342      |
     SALT*min: 34.44353     |SALT*max: 36.35905      |
     OXYG*min:  3.68962     |OXYG*max: 14.14613      |
       PRES*    TEMP*    SALT*    OXGY*    NOBS
         1.0, 28.4099, 36.0187,   3.690,   103
         2.0, 28.4181, 36.0200,   3.690,   138
         3.0, 28.4194, 36.0215,   3.690,     0
         4.0, 28.4200, 36.0230,   3.691,     0
         5.0, 28.4205, 36.0245,   3.691,    79
     Most of the CTD stn locations were near the equator and about 37 W
     So let me know which CTD locations are a problem for you. Jack Whitehead was the chief sci on the Kn04 cruise. Cheers... Dick
     PS I see the above header has beginning longitude/latitude as deg/min/sec and the final position is decimal degrees. A bit confusing. We had some Brasilian students running the CTD and some small header errors are evident.
  • lat/lon inconsistent, need cruise report Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-02-10
    Data Type: CTD, DOC
    Action: Update Needed
    For some time now we have been trying to clean up the last of the repeat cruises and incorporating current meter cruise data has fallen into this category. We were forwarded CTD data and two email correspondences by Jim Crease for the KN04 cruise.
    I am working on formatting these CTD files into a WOCE CTD format and a summary file.  I am having some difficulties with the inconsistant lat/lon values recorded in the files. The values in the files that we obtained are are of differring precision and in some cases exceed any possible lat/lon value.
    Can you please help?  We have no cruise or data documentation for these files and presently do not even know who the Chief Scientist was on cruise!  Could you please forward a data contact with whom I might correspond to regarding these matters?  We would like to button this up as soon as possible and any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
  • CTD files reformatted Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2003-02-03
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have (finally) gotten the ctd files reformatted for this cruise. There are remaining problems with the lat/lons reported in original files so at present summary file is still in the reformatting process.
  • Sum, Bottle and DOC are missing. Chi Sci was contacted 03.08.02, no response. Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2002-04-29
    Data Type: DOC, Bottle, Sum
    Action: Data Request
  • asked Lineburger for more data/doc Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2002-03-08
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Clarification Request
    I work with the WOCE Hydrographic Program Office, managing the WOCE repeat cruise data.  We work closely with Jim Crease and some time ago inheirited some current meter data that I was hoping you could help me out with.  The emails Jim forwarded on to our office were correspondences between the two of you regarding these CTD data.
    We have the 1992 Iselin and 1994 Knorr cruises' CTD data.  From the files we've gleened that the dates were Sep 20 - Oct 01 1992 for the Iselin cruise and May 30 - Jun 07 1994 for the Knorr.
    However, that's all the information we have at the moment.  Can you tell us where we might find any information about: the Chief Scientist and sponsor Institution and country;  whether or not a cruise documentation file exists; if there is a station navigation summary file; and finally any data contact PI's.  I see from a later email to Jim that bottle samples were for calibration purposes only, so we're assuming that no bottle file is available.  Can you confirm this for us?
    Any information you may have on these cruises would be greatly appreciated.
  • Karla Uribe

    Date: 2001-09-10
    Data Type: CTD
    Action: Submitted