Hydrographic Cruise: 09FA9408

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Data History

  • See Note: Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2002-04-29
    Data Type: CTD/SUM/DOC
    Action: Data Request
    Corresponded with Tomczak in an attempt to obtain CTD data for 09FA9408 as well as summary and documentation files. Please note as per his 1999 response, no bottle data was associated, nor will be submitted for this cruise. Data base needs updating to reflect this.
  • Matthias Tomczak

    Date: 1999-01-27
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Data Request by DB
  • see note Matthias Tomczak

    Date: 1998-11-13
    Data Type: Cruise
    Action: Cruise Info. Update
    >- deployment of WOCE mooring array ICM6 near North West Cape, Australia,
    >- recovery of WOCE mooring array ICM8 south of Sri Lanka, and
    >- a CTD section with stations at 30 nautical miles distance from across
    >ICM8, ie from 14S to Sri Lanka. This section coincides with the northern
    >part of WOCE Repeat Section IR4 and could therefore be included in the WOCE
    >Repeat Hydrography data set, although most CTD stations were only done to
    >1000 m depth (some to 2000 m depth).