Hydrographic Cruise: 09AR20030103

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientists:
  • (CCHDO) AU0304


Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Data History

  • i08s online, not i09s Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2007-08-03
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated
    I finished the pdf and text docs for i08s_2003/i09s_2004 today.  I 
    was able to upload the docs to the i08s_2003 directory, but don't 
    have permission to write to the i09s_2004 dir.
  • Data files reformatted, online Danie Bartolocci

    Date: 2007-07-02
    Data Type: CTD/BOT/SUM
    Action: Website Update
    -changed expocode from 09AR304/1 to 09AR20030103
    -filled in blank section ID with UNK (all others filled with i08s)
    -removed leading zero in STNNBR values
    -removed dashes as missing values in UNCDEPTH and HT ABOVE BOTTOM
    -ran sumchk with no errors.
    -added name/date stamp.
    -changed expocode from 09AR304/1 to 09AR20030103
    -ran wocecvt with no errors (many dup depths).
    -added name/date stamp.
    -converted to exchange and netcdf.
    -changed expocode from 09AR304/1 to 09AR20030103
    -removed leading zero in STNNBR values
    -ran wctcvt with no errors.
    -converted to exchange with one error:
            station 37 cast 1 has no bottom depth therefore
            software would not create a header for this file.
            -999.0 was used to fill in depth and a header line
            was generated by hand.
    -converted all files to netcdf with no errors.
  • Mark Rosenberg

    Date: 2007-02-28
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Submitted
    Have just "uploaded" 5 Southern Ocean Aurora Australis cruises to your website.  Had prepared them all a couple of years ago for Danie, but never actually sent them....well, gave me a chance to formalize one of the data reports.
    In case there's any probs, I've also put them on our public
    ftp site at:
    ftp ftp.acecrc.org.au
    login: anonymous
    passwd: your email
    then go to directory pub/rosenber and get the 5 zipfiles:
    09AR0103_woce.zip (SR3 i.e. P12)
    09AR0106_woce.zip (Amery Ice Shelf part 1, no WOCE ID)
    09AR0207_woce.zip (Amery Ice Shelf part 2, no WOCE ID)
    09AR0304_woce.zip (includes a transect close to I08S)
    09AR0403_woce.zip (I09S, plus repeat of transect close to I08S)
    * For the last of these, 09AR0403, CFC data were measured but are not yet available (should have included that in the notes I entered to your website).
    * Carbon data (DIC, alkalinities etc.) are available for some of these cruises - will get them to you at a later date.
    File: 09AR0304_woce.zip  Type: zipped CTD/bottle data Status: Public
    Name: Rosenberg, Mark 
    Institute: ACE CRC 
    Country: Australia
    Expo:09AR0304 Line: I08S
    Date: 01/2003
    Action:Place Data Online
    * first cruise of Kerguelen Deep Western Boundary current Experiment
    * WOCE format files
    * pdf data report includes data quality information
    * data report includes both cruises 09AR0304 and 09AR0403 
    Upload directory: /incoming_data/20070228.174849_I08S_Rosenberg,_Mark