Hydrographic Cruise: 09AR20010101

Date Start/End:
Chief Scientists:
  • (CCHDO) AU0106
  • (CCHDO) 09AR0106


Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Data History

  • New PDF and Text versions online Jerry Kappa

    Date: 2008-12-10
    Data Type: CrsRpt
    Action: Website Updated
  • Data files reformatted, online Danie Bartolocci

    Date: 2007-07-23
    Data Type: CTD/BOT/SUM
    Action: Website Update
    20070803  DBK  At most recent CCHDO lab meeting
    it was decided that the mnemonic for Amery Ice
    Shelf cruises should consist of the acronymn
    AIS plus two digit bytes to account for different
    geographic regions of the Shelf.  Therefore the
    line name for Amery Ice Shelf Cruises will be:
    AISXX.  This cruise will be labeled AIS01.
    All occurances in all files have been changed
    as well as all file names.
    Reformatting notes for amry1_09AR20010101 sent by M. Rosenburg on
    -changed expocode from 09AR0106 to 09AR20010101
    -added line number amry1 to WOCE ID column
    (this was because the field would have been too long
    for wocecvt to format check WOCE format manual states
    WOCE ID column in sumfile is only 5 char. long).
    -added name/date stamp
    -ran sumchk with no errors.
    --changed expocode from 09AR0106 to 09AR20010101
    -added line number amry1 to WOCE ID column
    -added name/date stamp.
    -format checked with wocecvt with no errors.
    -converted to .csv and .nc with no errors.
    -Removed leading zero in front of STNNBR.
    -chnged expocode from 09AR0106 to 09AR20010101.
    -added line number amry1 to WOCE-ID
    -format check with wctcvt with no errors.
    -converted to .csv and .nc with no errors.
    -renamed file names to conform with post-woce
    added all files to the web.
  • Mark Rosenberg

    Date: 2007-02-28
    Data Type: CTD/BTL/SUM
    Action: Submitted
    Have just "uploaded" 5 Southern Ocean Aurora Australis cruises to your website.  Had prepared them all a couple of years ago for Danie, but never actually sent them....well, gave me a chance to formalize one of the data reports.
    In case there's any probs, I've also put them on our public
    ftp site at:
    ftp ftp.acecrc.org.au
    login: anonymous
    passwd: your email
    then go to directory pub/rosenber and get the 5 zipfiles:
    09AR0103_woce.zip (SR3 i.e. P12)
    09AR0106_woce.zip (Amery Ice Shelf part 1, no WOCE ID)
    09AR0207_woce.zip (Amery Ice Shelf part 2, no WOCE ID)
    09AR0304_woce.zip (includes a transect close to I08S)
    09AR0403_woce.zip (I09S, plus repeat of transect close to I08S)
    * For the last of these, 09AR0403, CFC data were measured but are not yet available (should have included that in the notes I entered to your website).
    * Carbon data (DIC, alkalinities etc.) are available for some of these cruises - will get them to you at a later date.
    File: 09AR0106_woce.zip  Type: zipped CTD/bottle data Status: Public
    Name: Rosenberg, Mark 
    Institute: ACE CRC 
    Country: Australia
    Date: 01/2001
    Action:Place Data Online
    * First cruise of Amery Ice Shelf Experiment
    * WOCE format files
    * pdf files includes data quality information
    Upload directory: /incoming_data/20070228.174150_Rosenberg,_Mark