Hydrographic Cruise: 06MT41_3

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Files in the Dataset have been checked for format consistency, and merged into a single, integrated, downloadable file.

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Data History

  • Sarilee Anderson

    Date: 2004-02-18
    Data Type: CTD/SUM
    Action: Website Updated
    Created a .sum file using information from the table in the 
    doc file and the ctd files. 
    Set NAV to GPS since other Meteor lines had GPS.
    Documentation indicated that a rosette was used, so I set the 
    Set EVENT CODE to UN since there was no indication if they should
    be BE, BO, or EN.
    Unzipped file ar15_nct.zip found in /repeat/atlantic/ar15/ar15_n.
    Removed the cr's from the end of the records.
    Reformatted the files eliminating theta and adding column for oxygen.
    Since there was no oxygen, set values to -9.0, and QUALT1 to 9.
    Temperature is in DEG C, assumed salinity units are PSS-78.
    Set QUALT1 flags to 2 for all CTDPRS, CTDTMP, and CTDSAL.
    CTDPRS is at standard pressures not every 2db.
    Made WOCE format headers for all files.
  • Reformatted data online Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 2002-05-08
    Data Type: CTD/DOC
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have extracted the ctd files from the doc file for this cruise, converted the files to a readable (but not WOCE) format. 
    directory and index.htm page was created for this cruise. CTD zipped file and doc file were linked.
    Both files are unformatted and need formatting to WOCE or txt/pdf. Tables should be run to link this directory to the website.
  • pdf, txt versions online Rachel Tibbetts

    Date: 2002-04-26
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    New pdf & txt docs online
  • line added to website Danie Bartolacci

    Date: 1999-10-01
    Data Type: Cruise Report
    Action: Website Updated:
    I have added this cruise to the public table.  All fields (except doc) have "?" until further word.