Cruise Information

ExpoCode: 325020060213

Line: P16N

Aliases: 3250TT191a,33TT200601


Chief Scientists: Feely/NOAA-PMEL, Sabine/NOAA-PMEL

Cruise Dates: Mon Feb 13, 2006 -Wed Mar 29, 2006





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Files As Received

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File Date Received Date Merged 2009-05-22 Not merged
These data are beam attenuation numbers
P16N_Hg_bottle_file.xls 2011-10-13 Not merged
Mercury data with quality flags UMEHG, UTHG, FMHG, FTHG
CCHDO-2011-09-06.txt 2011-12-19 Not merged
Trace Metals data


File Date Received Date Merged
P16N_2006_LDEO_NGL_HeNeData.xlsx 2014-09-25 2014-09-26
He, d3He, Ne data from the Schlosser lab. Concentration data are in both ccSTP/g (used in our lab) and nMol/Kg (WOCE reporting standard, I think). 3HE/4He ratio is reported as d3He: percent difference from the ratio in air (which is 1.384 e-6).
Tritium Submission.xlsx 2013-01-14 2014-01-21
Tritium data (and uncertainty) plus flags are final and public
Jenkins_325020060213-p16-2006_Get... 2012-12-28 2014-01-21
helium/neon data
p16n_2006a_hy1_newALKALI_20110316... 2011-03-16 2011-04-03
New flag values for ALKALI
325020060213.C14.csv 2008-04-07 2009-07-29
This data was merged, but there are issues with the C13 data. The C13 column is masked in the exchange bottle file.
p16n_2006a_co2final.csv 2007-10-19 2009-04-20
P16N DCNS data.txt 2007-11-15 2009-03-31
p16ncdom_s7a_resubmitted.txt 2008-06-18 2009-03-30
P16N BrdU 11-16-07.txt 2007-11-16 2009-03-30
p16N_2996_DOC_TDN_20091120.csv 2009-11-20
The DOC and TDN final data from Dennis Hansell (RSMAS). Please, merge the data
P16N_final_mercury_data.xls 2009-02-24
Mercury data

Data History

Permalink Date Person Data Type Action Summary
2014-09-26 Barna, Andrew BTL Website Update Merge He Ne Dat
2014-09-25 Staff, CCHDO He/Ne Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2014-09-25 Newton, Robert He/H3/Neon Submitted to go online
2014-01-23 Schlosser, Peter He/Tr status update PI contacted; data not yet sent to CCHDO
2014-01-21 Berys, Carolina HELIUM-NEON-TRITIUM Website Update Exchange, netCDF, and WOCE files online. Updated HELIUM, NEON, DELHE3, TRITUM
2014-01-10 Lee, Rox Citation Website Update Exchange and netCDF files online
2013-04-08 Key, Bob Nitrate Bad value replace "0" with -999
2013-01-14 Staff, CCHDO Tritium Data Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2013-01-14 Jenkins, William Tritium Submitted to go online
2013-01-02 Staff, CCHDO HELIUM/NEON Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2011-12-23 Berys, Carolina Trace Metals Website Updated Available under 'Files as received'
2011-12-19 Measures, Chris Al/Fe/Mn Submitted to go online
2011-10-14 Berys, Carolina Mercury Website Update available online under 'Updates'
2011-10-13 Krabbenhoft, David Mercury Submitted resubmitted w/ qual flags
2011-04-05 Fields, Justin ALKALI Website Update Alk flags updated
2010-01-22 Fields, Justin pH/Alk Website Update Alk and Ph flags updated.
2010-01-19 Kozyr, Alex pH/Alk Update Needed change flags from 2 to 3
2010-01-11 Bartolocci, Danie DOC/TDN Website Update Data merged/online
2009-11-20 Kozyr, Alex DOC/TDN Submitted Merge, put online
2009-09-16 Fields, Justin Mercury Update Needed Cannot merge data
2009-08-05 Fields, Justin BTL Website Update exhange & WOCE files online
2009-04-06 Key, Dr. Robert M. DELC13 Update Needed: Calibration problem
2009-02-24 Krabbenhoft, David Mercury Submitted Fina/Publicl Data
2008-11-04 Bartolocci, Danie CFCs Website Updated CFC11/12/113 data online
2008-04-07 Key, Dr. Robert M. C13/14 Submitted Public
2008-01-11 Fields, Justin Cruise Report Changed Removed unprintable characters from txt file.
2007-11-21 Wang, Shu Lun ph/fCO2/TCO2 Submitted Underway data and cruise report
2007-11-16 carlson, BRDU submitted data are public
2007-11-15 carlson, craig DCNS Submitted data are public
2007-10-19 Kozyr, Alexander CO2 Submitted CO2-related parameters
2007-10-05 Bartolocci, Danie BTL OnLine new .csv file; NO PH VALUES
2007-10-05 Bartolocci, Danie CTD OnLine new .csv & netcdf files
2007-08-29 Liu, Sherwood ph Submitted Submitted pH data & report
2007-05-29 Bartolacci, Danie BTL/SUM Merged/Edited BTL file merged/SUM file edited
2007-05-23 Bartolacci, Danie BTL Merged Params not in csv/netCDF files
2007-04-09 Bullister, John L. CFCs Submitted Final Data & Q. Flags
2007-03-16 Fields, Justin Cruise Report OnLine full note
2007-03-15 Kappa, Jerry Cruise Report Ready for website full note
2007-03-02 Mordy, Calvin NUTs Submitted PO4 Sil NO3 NO2
2007-03-01 Piercy, Susan NUTs Doc Update erros found, will re-submit
2007-02-28 Menzia, Frederick NUTs Submitted full note
2007-02-26 Bartolacci, Danie BTL/CO2 Clarification Request still unsure of btl data quality
2007-01-22 Kozyr, Alexander CO2 Submitted new carbon data files
2007-01-22 Bartolacci, Danie CO2/BTL Data Update final btl file
2007-01-22 Langdon, Christopher OXYGEN Submitted The attached P16N oxygen data set needs merging.
2007-01-18 Kozyr, Alexander CO2 Final Data Submitted no info. on latest btl data
2007-01-18 Bartolacci, Danie OXYGEN Submitted - already in btl file?
2007-01-18 Greeley, Dana OXYGEN Clarification Request Qual Flags changed
2007-01-18 Johnson, Gregory C. CTD/BTL Clarification Request full note
2007-01-17 Sabine, Chris BTL Submitted to CDIAC
2007-01-17 Bartolacci, Danie BTL Clarification Request who has latest btl data?
2006-12-04 Warner, Mark J. CFCs Analysis progressing apparent offset btwn data sets
2006-11-28 Jenkins, William He/Tr Data status update HELIUM submit mid-2007, TRITIUM late 2007
2006-11-27 Kozyr, Alexander DOC Submitted Data are Final
2006-11-27 Kozyr, Alexander DOC Data Update Hansell's Qual flags updated by CDIAC
2006-11-20 Hansell, Dennis A. DOC Submission Plan They'll be sent to CDIAC today, Susan. Craig Carlson will send P16S today as we
2006-11-15 Kozyr, Alexander CO2 Kozyr's data status summary full note
2006-10-10 McTaggart, Kristy CTDOXY/report Submitted Data are Final
2006-09-26 Kozyr, Alexander DOC Data submission ETA 2+ weeks
2006-09-25 Warner, Mark J. CFCs Data submission eta mid october, 2006
2006-09-19 Kozyr, Alexander CO2 Data are Final Submitted 8/2/06
2006-08-15 Diggs, Stephen C. ALKALI/DIC/pH Data received I did receive these files via email and they will be merged within the week.
2006-08-02 Kozyr, Alexander TCARBN Submitted Data Update
2006-08-01 Kozyr, Alexander TCARBN/ALKALI/pCO2/p Submitted TCO2, TALK, pCO2, and pH
2006-06-15 Millero, Frank J. ALKALI/DIC/pH DQE Complete will send data & report next week
2006-06-15 Diggs, Stephen C. BTL Website Updated: BTL data online, except ALKALI & DIC
2006-06-15 Greeley, Dana DIC Submitted as csv files
2006-05-26 Feely, Richard ALKALI Not public Reply to Frank Millero
2006-05-22 Feely, Richard CTD/BTL Data are Public except DIC and pH
2006-05-11 Kappa, Jerry Cruise Report Ready to go online full note
2006-05-11 Sara, Bender BTL Submitted Preliminary
2006-05-09 Diggs, Stephen C. PCO2 Ready to merge into hyd fil only csv format available
2006-05-08 Kozyr, Alexander PCO2 Data are Final Ready to merge into hyd file
2006-05-07 Diggs, Stephen C. BTL Website Updated: BTL data taken Offline
2006-05-07 Feely, Richard CTD/BTL/SUM Data are NOT Public Too preliminary
2006-05-06 Diggs, Stephen C. CTD/BTL/SUM Website Updated: Data Online
2006-05-01 Feely, Richard Cruise Report Submitted leg 2 report
2006-03-23 Sabine, Chris Cruise Report Submitted Preliminary report
2006-03-23 Sabine, Chris BTL/SUM Submitted Exchange format, CTD data to follow
2006-01-27 Sabine, Chris Cruise ID Preliminary cruise info. full note