Cruise Information

ExpoCode: 49KA199905_1

Line: P01W

Aliases: SAGE,KA9901,49KY9901_1

Ship/Country: KAIYO-MARU/JPN

Chief Scientists: Watanabe/JAMSTEC

Cruise Dates: Fri May 21, 1999 -Sun Jun 13, 1999





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Files As Received

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File Date Received Date Merged 2012-07-26 Not merged
Collected from JAMSTEC site on 2012-07-26
p01w_1999a_hy1.csv 2012-10-19 Not merged
from on 2012-10-18, reported values with flag "1" replaced with flag "2"

Data History

Permalink Date Person Data Type Action Summary
2012-10-19 Staff, CCHDO BTL Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2012-10-19 Berys, Carolina BTL Submitted to go online
2012-08-24 Berys, Carolina BTL Website Update Exchange, NetCDF, WOCE files online
2012-08-23 Staff, CCHDO BTL Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2012-07-26 Berys, Carolina CTD/BTL Submitted to go online
2009-01-15 Kappa, Jerry CrsRpt Website Updated New PDF and Text versions online
2006-11-06 Kappa, Jerry CTD/BTL/SUM Website Updated full note
2006-11-02 Johnson, Gregory C. CTD/BTL/SUM Data are Public available on JAMESTEC website