Cruise Information

ExpoCode: 33RR200501

Line: P16S


Chief Scientists: Sloyan/WHOI, Swift/SIO

Cruise Dates: Sun Jan 9, 2005 -Sat Feb 19, 2005





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Files As Received

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File Date Received Date Merged 2009-05-22 Not merged
These data are beam attenuation numbers


File Date Received Date Merged
33RR20050106.exc.csv 2014-09-26 2014-10-21
File includes recently posted LDEO He,He3,Neon data
P16S_2005_LDEO_NGL_HeNeData.xlsx 2014-09-25 2014-10-21
He, d3He, Ne data from the Schlosser lab. Concentration data are in both ccSTP/g (used in our lab) and nMol/Kg (WOCE reporting standard). 3HE/4He ratio is reported as d3He: percent difference from the ratio in air (which is 1.384 e-6).
C14C13.csv 2008-10-09 2009-01-13
p16s_2005a_TALK_final_08182008.csv 2008-08-18 2009-01-13
p16scdom_s7a_resubmitted.txt 2008-06-18 2009-01-13
P16s BrdU 11-16-07.txt 2007-11-16 2009-01-13
P16S DCNS data.txt 2007-11-15 2009-01-13
p16s_2005a_TCO2_DOC_final.csv 2006-11-20 2009-01-13

Data History

Permalink Date Person Data Type Action Summary
2014-10-21 Berys, Carolina HELIUM-H3-NEON Website Update Updated HELIUM, NEON, DELHE3, online in all formats
2014-09-29 Staff, CCHDO HE/H3/NEON Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2014-09-26 Key, Bob He/He3/Neon Submitted to go online
2014-09-25 Staff, CCHDO He/Ne Website Update Available under 'Files as received'
2014-09-25 Newton, Robert He/H3/Neon Submitted to go online
2014-01-23 Schlosser, Peter He/Tr status update PI contacted; data not yet sent to CCHDO
2013-10-25 Lee, Rox Citations Website Update Exchange, netCDF files online
2009-05-04 Bartolocci, Danie SALNTY Website Updated units edited
2009-04-14 Fields, Justin DELC13 Website Updated: Calibration Problems
2009-04-06 Key, Dr. Robert M. DELC13 Update Needed: Calibration Problems
2009-01-16 Kappa, Jerry CrsRpt Website Updated New PDF and Text versions online
2009-01-13 Bartolocci, Danie BTL Website Updated Several new params added
2008-10-09 Key, Dr. Robert M. C13/C14 Submitted Data are final/public
2008-08-18 Kozyr, Alexander ALKALI Submitted Data are Final
2008-06-18 Nelson, Norman CDOM Submitted Correction of previously submitted data
2007-11-16 carlson, craig BRDU submitted data are public
2007-11-15 carlson, craig DCNS Submitted data are public
2006-12-01 Kozyr, Alexander TCARBN/DOC Submitted Data are Final
2006-11-20 Carlson, Craig DOC Submitted Data are Final
2006-11-15 Kozyr, Alexander CO2 Status update none
2006-08-02 Kozyr, Alexander TCARBN Submitted Data Update
2006-08-01 Kozyr, Alexander TCARBN Submitted Data are Final
2006-06-15 Greeley, Dana DIC Submitted as csv files
2005-10-07 Anderson, Sarilee CFCs Website Updated: Data Merged into OnLine File
2005-10-04 Willey, Debbie CFCs Submitted full note
2005-04-28 Diggs, Stephen C. CTD/BTL/SUM Website Updated: Data Online
2005-04-28 Diggs, Stephen C. Cruise Report Website Updated: New cruise report online
2005-03-31 Kappa, Jerry Cruise Report ASCII and PDF Versions Made PI and ODF reports included
2005-03-22 Sloyan, Bernardette Cruise Report Submitted full note
2005-03-21 Johnson, Mary CTD/BTL/SUM Submitted Prelim. Data & CTD Reort